Best bounty hunter build in Star Wars: The Old Republic

There are many classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, each with a variety of traits and abilities that make it different from the others. The most defining characteristics are the ability of the class to use the Force and its affiliation with the Light or Dark side. The latter presents players with a variety of options using more ruthless and covert tactics. Among these morally unsavory classes, the most brutal and effective is the Bounty Hunter, a relentless assassin hired by the Sith Empire.

Headhunter Building Tips

The Bounty Hunter is one of the most technologically advanced classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Using a wide range of gadgets and weapons, as well as martial prowess, this class can take on most foes that challenge it, even Force users like the Jedi. The Bounty Hunter’s versatility makes him a formidable threat, but to truly master this class, players will need to put in a lot of time and effort. This will allow the player to become a powerful and feared mercenary known throughout the Sith Empire and the galaxy.

Be prepared, versatile and merciless

The Bounty Hunter is rightfully considered one of the most formidable opponents, and for good reason: they are prepared and ready to destroy all who oppose them indiscriminately. They always have a plan in case something goes wrong, and they have enough tools in their arsenal to adapt to almost any situation. While the Bounty Hunter’s weapons and armor seem to be its most valuable tools, this class’s ability to prepare and deal with various enemies and scenarios is its true strength.

The Bounty Hunter has countless gadgets and weapons at his disposal, each of which allows him to mercilessly deal with a variety of opponents. Players should keep this in mind in order not to limit themselves and unleash the full potential of this class. The bounty hunter should never limit himself to one weapon, gadget or strategy, he should try new things to find out what works best in any given situation. Once players start playing through the game, they should try out everything they have at their disposal to better understand this class.

Use your arsenal

The bounty hunter must constantly read the script and be prepared to change their approach as the situation develops. Fortunately, their extensive and varied arsenal includes all sorts of gadgets, gadgets, weapons, etc. that will help them adapt to adverse circumstances or confront enemies. Using everything at their disposal allows the Bounty Hunter to be one step ahead of the enemies and take them by surprise. This impressive arsenal gives this class an edge against seemingly superior opponents such as the venerable and unwavering Jedi Knights.

Players must use everything in the Bounty Hunter collection if they want to excel against formidable foes. They need to learn what each gizmo does and when is the best time to use them. Understanding the Bounty Hunter’s arsenal allows players to develop effective strategies and devastating combos that give them an edge even in the most adverse situations. As soon as players start playing with this class, they should try out all the gadgets, weapons, etc. they have, and also pay the same attention to newly acquired ones.

Form a set of tactics

The Bounty Hunter is a flexible class, well-adapted to almost any obstacle or danger that players may encounter. With all sorts of tools at their disposal, this class can prepare for many things, be it a specific enemy or an unfavorable situation. Regardless, players must understand the Bounty Hunter’s penchant for preparation and use it to their advantage by developing plans and strategies of their own. This will give players a degree of preparedness not found in other classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

To develop tactics, the Bounty Hunter will need a deep understanding of his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the devices in his arsenal. This understanding will require a lot of time, effort, and practice from the player, but with it, he will be able to develop countless procedures for almost any scenario. For example, the Bounty Hunter learns that melee fighters are especially dangerous, but susceptible to flamethrowers. Such and similar information allows players to use the Bounty Hunter class for its intended purpose.

Watch the temperature

The Bounty Hunter class has a unique Heat resource that builds up when you use an ability and dissipates over time. If the heat level gets too high, players won’t be able to use most of their gadgets. Moreover, if the level of “Heat” reaches an extreme level, it will decrease much more slowly. This special mechanism is a vital aspect of playing as the Bounty Hunter class, which players must constantly monitor in order not to hurt themselves inadvertently. Players must learn to control their Heat and be creative with their abilities.

The bounty hunter must maintain a low level of heat without compromising his effectiveness. Luckily, this class can use abilities such as Warm Ventilation, which quickly dissipates heat within a few seconds. If players ever reach extreme levels, they will be able to quickly recover their strength and stay within the low level limits. While this ability is useful, understanding heat generation is far more important. Knowing how much heat each gadget generates allows players to gauge their levels, maintain a safe balance, and use their abilities more effectively.

Companion: Mako

Throughout the story, the Bounty Hunter will meet many companions willing to help him on his journey. These followers will serve that class to their advantage by compensating for its weaknesses and exploiting its strengths. Each companion is a match for the Bounty Hunter, but one stands out as the most capable and outstanding. This companion is Mako, a cybernetically enhanced human and hitman with a strong penchant for slicing and mercenarism.

Mako is the first Bounty Hunter companion he meets on the planet Nar Shaddaa. She is a capable fighter and an impressive healer who can offer her services as a secondary weapon and medic. Mako’s secondary abilities complement the Bounty Hunter and greatly increase his survivability. As a practical and efficient companion, Mako is also a well-written character with a unique and compelling story for players to follow.

Mercenary: Big guns for big damage

The Mercenary subclass for the Bounty Hunter adds to the class’s extensive arsenal, including more powerful and advanced weapons capable of causing untold destruction. Armed with a bulky pair of pistols and heat-seeking missiles, the mercenary can make short work of even the most formidable foes. This subclass amplifies the destructive power that the Bounty Hunter is capable of and transforms it into a one-man army. Players can further specialize the Bounty Hunter to their liking through one of the disciplines listed below.

  • Arsenal: This discipline vastly improves the weapons and gadgets available to mercenaries, turning them into walking, talking machines of destruction. Their dual blasters and heat-seeking missiles become more powerful and versatile tools that make the Bounty Hunter more effective at ranged combat. This Discipline makes the Bounty Hunter an adversary who can easily deal with numerous enemies or enemies of unprecedented strength.
  • Bodyguard: This discipline transforms a mercenary from a ruthless killer into a staunch defender, granting him ancillary abilities. Now the Bounty Hunter, equipped with a wide range of kolto dispersal equipment, can provide life-saving assistance to those in critical condition, saving them from a terrible end. This discipline transforms Bounty Hunters from a traditionally offensive class into an impressive healer to be found on any team.
  • Innovative Weaponry: This discipline equips the mercenary with a variety of explosive and debilitating ammunition, adding to his already vast arsenal. Using a variety of lethal grenades and ammo, the Bounty Hunter can apply numerous debilitating effects, making it easier to kill enemies. This discipline greatly increases the potential of the Bounty Hunter, turning him into an unparalleled killer.

Force Technology: An Experimental But Formidable Defense

The Technician subclass for the Bounty Hunter grants an experimental heavy armor suit that greatly improves their defense. With unrivaled defenses and powerful flamethrowers, Powertech can defend against and emerge from the most bellicose assaults with little to no scratches. This subclass transforms the Bounty Hunter from a deadly attacker into an unstoppable defender, turning him into a bulwark against all enemies. Players can customize the Bounty Hunter class using one of the disciplines listed below.

  • Advanced Prototype: This discipline builds on the prototype armor that the subclass provides, adding numerous gadgets with different functions. With attachments such as retractable blades, electromagnetic blasters and power dissipators, the Bounty Hunter transforms into a fighting machine with a weapon for any situation. This discipline gives the Bounty Hunter much more versatility and improves his offensive capabilities.
  • Pyrotechnician: This discipline harnesses the heat generated by experimental armor and channels it into highly destructive incinerating attacks. With fire weapons at his disposal, the Bounty Hunter can take down enemies with ease, regardless of their menacingness or distance. This discipline makes the Bounty Hunter an even more devastating offensive specialist, providing him with a unique and effective means of dealing damage.
  • Shields: This discipline takes advantage of the more defensive role of the Force technologies, granting them various utility abilities designed to protect others. Whether bearing the brunt of an attack or getting allies out of the way, the Bounty Hunter can make sure that the full fury of the enemy is directed at him. This discipline allows the Bounty Hunter to be a relentless protector of others, able to take an impossible amount of damage.

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