Bell Orb Hunter in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Bell Bearing Hunter are repeatable bosses that appear in four different areas of the game. These hunters only spawn at night and only when there are no NPCs in the zone. To spawn the boss, you will have to change the time of day and then rest again at the nearby Place of Grace.

Bell Orb Hunters are tough enemies that deal heavy damage and can fight from a distance. It is recommended to deal with them after you clear the entire area. Everything you need to know about Bell Orb Hunters is here.

Bell Orb Hunters Review

Bell Orb Hunter Overview Location

  • Warrior’s Hut, Graveyard
  • Temple of Oaths, Liurnia Lakes
  • Hermit Trader’s Shack, Altus Plateau
  • Reclusive Merchant’s Shack, Starry Wastes

Mandatory No Summoning Players and Spirits Graveyard Drops:

  • 2,700 runes
  • Bone Dealer’s Bell Orb

Lake Liurnia:

  • 6,000 runes
  • Butcher’s Bell Orb

Altus Plateau:

  • 20,000 runes
  • Medicine Dealer’s Bell Orb

Starry Wastes:

  • 50,000 runes
  • Gravity Stone Trader’s Bell Orb


  • Physical Damage
  • Lightning

Bell Orb Hunters are found in the Graveyard, Liurnia, Leindell, and the Starry Wastes. They are considered normal bosses that are optional to fight and do not affect the game’s ending.

By defeating each boss, you will receive a Bell Orb, which can be given to the Twin Handmaids in the Round Table Fortress. This will allow you to buy additional items from them in the store.

Bell Orb Hunter Attacks

Bell Orb Hunters have the same attacks and moves as Elemer of Thorns, who is the true form of the Hunters and a great enemy that spawns in Twilight Castle.

Refer to the Elemer of Thorns guide for more information about his attacks.

How to defeat Bell Orb Hunters

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, the best way to fight the boss is to constantly be near him. If you move too far away, the boss will switch and start using ranged attacks, which are deadly due to high damage. The boss’s attacks are slow, making it easy for you to dodge towards where the attack is coming from. This will allow you to retaliate several times before you are ready to dodge another attack.

Tip: Since the boss is weak against Lightning, it would be a good idea to use a weapon that can be applied with Lightning Grease.

The boss is also susceptible to Bleeding and Red Rot. This allows you to use Rotten Breath or Rotten Grease to hit the boss with Red Rot, which gradually reduces health. If you use a bleeding weapon, you can attack multiple times to increase the effect of the bleeding, and eventually cause bleeding.

You can also use Flux, your horse, to move around the area and dodge most of the boss’s attacks. Behind him, Flux makes movement much easier, giving you time to attack and escape, allowing you to avoid damage.

Ranged strategy

For a long range strategy, it’s best to use Flux. When playing as a ranged class, the boss will use his ranged attacks more often. They are harder to dodge than his melee attacks, so try not to use long-duration arcane spells – the Hunter is quite aggressive and can interrupt your spell with a shield strike. Quick Shiny Stone Shard and Throwing Stone are exceptional options and you can quickly cast them to deal some serious damage. You can use a Quick Shiny Stone Shard while riding the Stream, and this way you will avoid any attacks from the boss.

If you’re using a Faith build, try using all the Lightning spells you have. Since these bosses are optional, you can return to them later when you get your hands on the best Lightning spells.

Tip: Fortisax’s Thunder Spear, Aimed Strike, and Thunder Spear are some of the best prayers you can use to exploit Lightning Hunter’s weakness.

Fortisax’s Thundering Spear is a spell that you can obtain after defeating the Lich Dragon Fortisax and giving his Memories to Enya’s Finger Reader in the Round Table Keep.

Also, since some of the fights take place near the merchant shacks, make sure you clear out the enemies in the surrounding areas. They can interfere with you, reducing the chances of defeating the boss.

General Tips

  • The recommended level in the Warrior’s Hut is 40, in the Temple of Oaths — 60, in the Hermit Merchant’s Hut — 80, in the Hermit Merchant’s Hut — level 100 or higher;
  • Stay close so the boss doesn’t use his magical sword swings;
  • Land multiple hits right after the boss spawns, as he doesn’t attack right away;
  • The boss has high physical damage, so it is very useful to use the Great Shield with Dragon Crest talisman.

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