Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising: How to Find and Defeat

In V Rising, Beatrice The Tailor is a level 38 blood carrier residing in the humble town of Dawnbreak Village in the Dunley Farmlands. Despite seeming harmlessness, Dracula’s blood flows in her veins, making her a prime target for the Vardoran vampires. Crowned as the land’s most talented tailor, Beatrice has neither the weapons nor the offensive ability to attack or even retaliate against players in V Rising. However, fighting her boss can still be a challenge for the unprepared.

To find Beatrice, the V Rising vampires must search the southern part of Dawnbreak Village, located north of the east gate of the Dunley Farmlands Waygate and slightly southwest of the Abandoned Farm. V Blood’s encounter with Portna is more like a frenzied chase, as Beatrice will frantically run away from her attackers without any form of counterattack. As mentioned above, it allegedly flows the blood of Dracula. This can be seen by watching the incredible speed with which this old lady eludes the player. Naturally, the adventurers may eventually catch up with her, but hitting a non-stop moving target with close-range attacks is quite difficult.

The main problem when “fighting” with Beatrice in V Rising is her ability to attack all hostile people who are nearby. She will randomly rush in any direction she sees fit, calling for any armed guards nearby. In such a situation, Dawnbreak Village turns into a wild battlefield, where the player chases an elderly woman through the streets, while a flurry of attacks from the locals rains down on him.

How to beat Beatrice in V Rising

Sadly, chasing Beatrice on horseback is out of the question, as V Rising players are forced to dismount from their horse when taking direct damage. Therefore, the best option is for her to run outside the village, which will allow players to calmly pursue her without provoking angry locals. Accordingly, the main area where players should definitely stay away is the northern part of the city, where the Elite Nuns and Sun Priestess Cristina can be found.

By finishing off Beatrice and drinking her V blood, V Rising fans will be rewarded with structure blueprints for the loom and an assortment of curtains for their castle. In addition, they will receive recipes for cloth, cotton yarn, and the hunter’s cloak, a piece of clothing that can be crafted in the workshop. Finally, players will gain human form, the power of a vampire needed to explore populated areas like Brighthaven.

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