Beast of Elden in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, Elden Beast is the last real boss, spawning immediately after killing Golden Order Radagon. The arena for this fight changes completely compared to Radagon’s fight. This boss is mandatory to complete the game and get any ending, but after it, you will be able to go through the Interearth and fight other bosses before choosing your favorite ending.

Elden’s Beast may not be very enjoyable to fight, mainly due to its habit of diving underwater and retreating far from the player. Here’s everything you need to know about the Beast of Elden.

Overview of the Beast of Elden

  • Location: Erd Tree, Leindell, Ash Capital
  • Required: Yes
  • Summons: Players and Spirits
  • Drop: 500,000 Runes, Memories of Elden
  • Weakness: Physical attacks

The Beast of Elden is inside the Tree of Erd in Leindell, the capital of ash. This boss is the second phase of the actual final fight in Elden Ring. After defeating Radagon, you will see a scene in which the Beast of Elden absorbs Radagon and comes face to face with you.

After defeating the Beast of Elden, you will receive 500,000 runes and a Memory of Elden. The memory can be given to Enya in the Round Table Keep to receive the Sacred Relic Sword and Marika’s Hammer. You cannot summon NPCs for this fight, but you can use Spirit Dust. Online players who were present during the battle with Radagon will be able to help you in the second stage.

Beast Elden Attacks

Elden’s Beast manages to keep his distance throughout the fight, firing holy beams from a long distance or flying into the air to unleash a massive AoE blast. Attacks to watch out for are Magic Grab and Elden’s Ring Explosion.

holy strike

The Beast of Elden charges its sword with holy energy and plunges it into the ground, causing an explosion.

  • Tip: As soon as you see the boss charging his sword, you need to run away to avoid the AoE damage. If you are close and cannot escape, try approaching the boss from behind.

sword rays

The boss fires four Holy Beams from a long distance, one after the other. The first two beams are relatively fast, but the boss delays the last two beams.

  • Tip: The best way to avoid this is to roll into the beams at the last second. You won’t take any damage and will be a little closer to the boss.

spinning sword

Elden’s Beast swims in one direction while simultaneously raising its blade and swinging its sword at the player.

  • Tip: Rolling forward will allow you to avoid the attack and get under the boss to land some free hits.

Flame Sword Dive

The boss flies through the air, igniting his blade. He then swoops down and swings his blade at the player.

  • Tip: Rolling forward is the only option, as the attack has a large radius and does a lot of damage if you fail the roll or dodge the other way.

yellow fiery breath

The Beast of Elden lifts its head up and breathes yellow fire around the arena.

  • Tip: If you are in close range, then you need to position yourself behind the boss to avoid this attack. If you are at a long distance, keep running in one direction until the attack ends.

sparkling dust

The boss swings his arm forward in an arc, causing clouds to form near him. These clouds explode after a while.

  • Tip: This attack is easy to dodge as it takes time for the cloud to explode, giving you time to roll to the side once you see the clouds forming.

winged spears

The Elden Beast’s wing begins to glow and it launches tracking light lances in your direction. These spears fall on you for a few seconds.

  • Tip: Run in any direction as soon as you see the boss launching spears into the sky.

galaxy cloud

The boss launches a trail of Galaxy clouds in front of him. These clouds hold for a short time before they explode.

  • Tip: You can roll to any side while staying away from the clouds to avoid AoE damage.

Magic grip

Elden’s Beast creates a giant magic ball in its left hand and attempts to grab the player. If successful, you will see a small animation in which many spears pierce your character, causing him great damage.

  • Tip: You need to run away from the boss as soon as you see the giant energy ball in his hand. Getting hit by this attack can kill you, so try to avoid it at all costs.

Black hole

The boss charges the Black Hole, which explodes after a few seconds. If you get in the AoE area, you will take serious damage.

  • Tip: Run away from the boss as soon as you see the Black Hole charging.

Stars of Elden

The Beast of Elden fires stars that are small in size and track your position for quite some time.

  • Tip: This is one of the hardest attacks to dodge. There are a huge number of stars, and they track your position well. To avoid it, you’ll have to run in one direction until the stars close in on you, then roll over the big star and continue running in the other direction. Don’t forget to check which attack the boss does as a follow up attack.

Explosion of Elden’s Ring

The boss flies into the air and forms an Elden ring in the sky. Another ring begins to form on the ground below him, which explodes after a while, dealing massive damage.

  • Tip: You need to jump over the rings and constantly run away from the ring area to avoid the explosion.

How to defeat the Beast of Elden

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, try to be under the boss at all times. The area around the abdomen glows strongly, indicating the boss’s weak spot. You will be able to deal more damage to the boss if you focus your melee attacks in this area. If you’re around most of the time, you’ll have to alternate attacks in the belly area and behind the boss. Behind the boss is worth it just to avoid his fire breath attacks, galactic clouds and AoE sword attacks.

The boss also dives into the water, reappearing away from the player. Try to close the distance by running away as soon as he reappears. Since the boss’s attacks deal Holy damage, it is recommended to bring talismans or spells that enhance Holy damage negation with you.

Ranged strategy

For a ranged strategy, spamming Red Rot is a very good option. Since this spell is quite mana-consuming, you can add Arcane Azure Tear to the Flask of Noble Potion to nullify the mana cost for the next ten seconds. If you are using a Faith build, don’t use Holy Attacks as they will only heal the boss. You can use Heal near your summoner so that both of you get a healing effect.

The Beast of Elden has a large hitbox, allowing you to deal damage to most parts of his body with relative ease. You can use AoE spells that deal high damage and spread widely. The boss has a lot of health compared to Radagon, so having Spirit Dust is vital for this phase of the fight.

General Tips

  • Reach level 125-130 or higher
  • Use talismans and armor with Holy damage negation
  • Most of the boss’s attacks are slow and easy to dodge.
  • It is optimal to stay under the boss, as the glowing area under the boss deals additional damage
  • Frost Stomp is a very valuable skill for melee players.

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