Battle rating in Diablo Immortal: how to increase

In Diablo Immortal, many factors can determine how strong a player feels. Leveling up gives players access to new abilities and their higher-level options. When players reach the maximum level, they can gain a Paragon level, which increases other stats and gives players special effects when fighting enemies.

Even getting new pieces of equipment of higher rarity allows players to feel a significant increase in power. However, the most important factor in overall playability in Diablo Immortal is Battle Rating. The value of this stat alone controls a large percentage of the damage that enemies can deal to players and the damage that players can deal to enemies. Learning how to increase your combat rating is essential for long-term development.

Ways to increase battle rating in Diablo Immortal

Infernal Lericarium

Leveling up the Infernal Lericarium is a great, but overlooked, way to increase your combat rating. Players usually get into raids easily as they are very popular with players. It is very important to have an adequate team here, as teamwork and coordination is required to defeat the raid boss.

Many players are used to taking random players or even friends with them to dungeons, the Ancient Rift, or even the Trials of the Rift. However, this is a completely different level of difficulty, and it is impossible to go through it alone.

Raiding the Infernal Lericarium is also something you don’t need to do often, as there is a weekly reward there. It is enough to do it once a week, but it does not hurt to help others or do it more often for mechanical training in the future.

The reward for clearing the raid is definitely worth the effort, as this is where players can get Skoria.

By taking Scoria to any Blacksmith, players can recycle it and use it to level up their Helicarius. It even provides additional item slots to help make players stronger, especially in Challenge Rifts.

Completing Trials of the Rift at higher levels also increases the quality of the Ancient Rift, so all players should focus on getting as far as possible. While the raw stats gained from leveling up Helicarius may not seem like much at first glance, they do help and increase over time.


Equipping by default is the most common way to increase your combat rating. However, knowing what items to equip and why is critical to character development.

Most players equip anything with a Green Arrow on it; however, picking up an item that might have a little more life force or potency instead of an item that has a lot of power (if you’re playing a physical class) or intelligence (if you’re playing a magical class) is downright inefficient.

The next factor players should consider when considering gear is Gear Score. This is one of the main factors influencing combat rating and should not be ignored without good reasons, such as the one above. And finally, the last thing players should pay attention to is the rarity of equipment.

Rarity – from worst to best:

  • Ordinary (gray)
  • Magic (blue)
  • Rare (yellow)
  • Legendary (Orange) / Set (Green)

The higher the rarity of the item, the more affixes attached to it. The presence of additional stats significantly increases the combat rating, especially if these are priority stats for the class used.


In most MMORPGs, gem mining is usually a no-brainer. It’s just something that players usually do to get a small stat bonus, and in most cases it’s quite simple.

However, in Diablo Immortal, things are much different, it has a huge impact and requires a lot of foresight and strategy. Legendary Gems give players special effects and abilities that vary from gem to gem.

Choosing which Legendary Gems to aim for can be quite tricky, especially when players are still experimenting with development paths and leveling up. However, having decided on the main path of development, players can start creating, buying or searching for the legendary gems they need.

The next thing to consider is that only certain Legendary Gems exist at different Star levels. Some 1- and 2-star gems are different than 5-star gems, so players are usually better off starting with the base 1/2-star gem setting before aiming for the 5-star setting.

The final reason Legendary Gems are so important for Battle Ranking is Resonance. Resonance is a stat that can only be obtained from Legendary Gems, and it gets higher the more Legendary Gems players have and the higher the star level of the Gems.

Resonance increases all indicators by a certain percentage. The percentage increase is very valuable as it gets higher the stronger the player is. For example, 5% of 100 is only 5, but 5% of 1,000,000 is 50,000. This is a huge difference, and the further the players advance in the game, the more important they become.

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