Battery in Raft: how to make and use

Utensils are critical to feeding players in Raft. At first, mechanisms such as the Simple Grill and the Cleaner will require boards to operate. However, later the raftmen must switch to more advanced mechanisms. This will reduce Planck’s consumption on the raft, but in exchange for other energy sources.

For example, the second level of water purifiers uses sunlight as fuel (although the device will work even at night). Meanwhile, the third tier of the grill requires electricity to operate. In order to make electrical devices work in Raft, players will need to make a Battery.

How to create a battery in Raft

To build a battery in Raft, players must follow a few simple steps. First, dive underwater and find Copper. They are usually found near the islands. Players can find copper underwater on walls and large rocks. When copper is found, place it in the smelter and it will turn into a copper ingot. Examine it on the research table and it will unlock the battery.

Each battery can be crafted from the player’s inventory, requiring one copper ingot, three scraps, and six plastics, which are usually scattered throughout the raft.

When the Raftrunners reach Varuna Point in Chapter 3, they will be able to learn how to make an advanced battery. This version has three times the capacity of a conventional battery, which will save a lot of work on the raft. To make an advanced battery, players need to collect two copper ingots, two scraps, and four titanium ingots.

What are batteries used for?

Here is a list of machines that require a battery to operate:

  • Electric Water Maker: Used to turn salt water into fresh water;
  • Electric grill: Can cook two large dishes or six small ones at the same time;
  • Juicer: Prepares smoothies to quench your thirst;
  • Sprinkler: Automatically water plants to keep animals from starving;
  • Electric Smelter: Smelt items without planks;
  • Refiner: Required to craft Compacted Garbage in Raft, the currency used to trade at the Trading Post;
  • Receiver: The key device for completing the story mode in Raft. Players must do it to get to the radio tower and start the first chapter. Some blueprints and items in the game are locked behind chapters, so don’t neglect this opportunity.

Although easy to build, the battery inside the raft is incredibly demanding, as it drains quickly, and many machines cannot run without it. However, do not discard empty Batteries, as players will later be able to build a Battery Charger to charge the Battery with Biofuel.

Also, at some point in Raft, players will be able to build headlamps or metal detectors. To create them, a battery is required as one of the materials. Use a discharged battery instead of a fully charged one; fully charged and discharged batteries have the same durability and result.

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