Bastard in Elden Ring: class guide

As the highly anticipated launch of FromSoftware’s newest Elden Ring game approaches, fans are excited to learn about the new and exciting classes that will be offered in the game. New classes, the gameplay of which uses the best moments from the FromSoftware game library, as well as new mechanics, will contribute to even greater replayability and uniqueness of the gameplay.

Since FromSoftware has recently introduced a lot of classes, the “Git” class is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and complex that will be available in Elden Ring.

Scoundrel class

One of the ten classes in Elden Ring that will be available to players at launch is the Scoundrel class. As FromSoftware gradually reveals classes like the Bandit and Astrologer for Elden Ring, fans are beginning to get a better idea of ​​what the class system will be and how it will complement the gameplay. The primary function and advantage of choosing a class in Elden Ring is the different starting gear and stats that each class offers.

The appropriately named “Scoundrel” class is described by FromSoftware as “poor, aimless creatures, naked as their birthday,” further elaborating that “a good club is all they have.” The Rogue class is essentially Elden Ring’s “hard mode”, a consistently low-performing class that isn’t specialized or suited to any particular playstyle. Offering no logical advantage over other classes, the Gitt class is likely to become a hardcore fan favorite on subsequent playthroughs, offering a serious challenge to the already infamous complex “soulful” gameplay.

Git Stats

As mentioned earlier, the Scoundrel class offers a minimum of basic characteristics. At the beginning of the game, the Scoundrel will have 10 points of strength, intelligence, stamina, strength, agility, intelligence, as well as Arcane and Faith. While this balanced but incomplete starting physique doesn’t offer anything in terms of specialization for a certain playstyle like other classes, it does provide the building blocks needed to build certain stats over time. Git can be quite versatile in the choice of gameplay available to players in Elden Ring.

The starting level of the Geek is also 1, which is extremely low compared to the starting levels of most other classes, making early gameplay much more difficult for those who dare this challenge.

Scoundrel Armor

One of the main characteristics of this “disenfranchised” style class, corresponding to similar challenge classes of previous Souls games, is character nudity. Since the Git is “naked as his birthday”, he will only have rags to cover his modesty, which means that no useful armor will be available to the class at the beginning of the game. As seen in the Gloom’s promotional image in the Class Reveal, the Gloom is as naked and devoid of personality or striking features as can be. Having no expression or uniqueness, obviously this should reflect the minimal and open nature of the class.

Git Weapon

To match their meager and virtually non-existent armor, the Git’s initial arsenal consists of a wooden club. This is a very simple striking weapon that suits its owner. The club’s damage and effectiveness is affected by strength, and in the early game of Elden Ring it is stated to be useful against vulnerable enemies, but quickly loses its effectiveness as enemies become inexorably more diverse and powerful. With Elden Ring’s release just around the corner, players won’t have to wait long to explore this class on their own.

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