Astel the Voidborn in Elden Ring: how to defeat the secret boss

Astel Naturalborn of the Void is a secret boss in Elden Ring. You can fight him after you pass through the debilitating Lake of Rot, after which you will see a coffin on the edge of a cliff. When interacting with him, your character will climb inside and fall into a separate location. Here is our guide to help you defeat this secret boss in the Lake of Rot.

How to defeat Astel the Voidborn (secret boss)

This scorpion from the stars, reminiscent of the rocklinger demons you’ve fought, has some lethal powers, though much can be telegraphed. Also, as a reminder, I only played this fight from a ranged standpoint.

Phase #1

Astel the Voidborn has the following abilities:

  • Tail Kick: When he raises the back of his body, he delivers a kick that reaches the entire length of the arena, so try to avoid it. This will be followed by a second hit, which will be missed if you are already further away from it;
  • Void Beam: Similar to Radan’s laser blast. As usual, roll when he’s about to hit you so you don’t get hurt. Sometimes he may miss, hitting the ground, if you roll during the shot;
  • Void Absorption: Creates a few circular explosions around his arm, but I never hit him since I’m shooting from a distance;
  • Teleport Lunge: This is one of the moves to watch out for. When Astel creates a large black hole where he stands, it means that he will teleport. Sometimes she reappears in the same place. But there is a chance that he will also appear near you. This will be followed by a lunge attack, during which he will bite you several times. You need to anticipate his movement and then roll as he lunges to avoid being grabbed. After that, it will reappear in its original place.

Phase #2

Astel gains another deadly ability in phase 2/below 50% health. I just call it “Meteor Shower”. In essence, a lot of rocks appear in the sky above the boss, which successively fall on your place. This is similar to what Rickard does in phase 2, only more manageable as it affects your character.

You can try any of these ways:

  • Blocking: Make sure you have a full bar. At least three meteorites will hit you, eating away your stamina and some of your health;
  • Dodge: Dodge the moment the meteors fly towards you. At least one of them will hit you. But this animation will also prevent others from getting hit. One meteor hit is enough to destroy 60% of your health (I had about 1.500 at the time). So it’s all about rolling, getting hit, healing, and then shooting the boss again.

Make sure every shot counts before he casts Meteor Shower again. Soon you will be able to survive this battle of attrition.

Astel, the Voidborn in Elden Ring, you will receive Memory of the Born. Bring it to Enya at the Round Table Keep to exchange it for any of these items:

  • Ashes of War: Waves of Darkness is a weapon skill that can be applied to greataxes, warhammers, and colossal weapons;
  • Bastard Stars (hammer) – requires Strength 8, Dexterity 22 and Wisdom 22; increases Strength E, Dexterity D and Wisdom C.

And one more thing: the passage behind the boss will be blocked. However, if you have already purchased the Ring of the Dark Moon from Rennala’s chest, you will be able to pass. This will take you to, you guessed it, the Lunar Altar.

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