Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Fire Giant Armor Set: Where to Find

The Molten Giant’s Armor is a new five-piece piece of gear that can be obtained in the new Dawn of Ragnarok DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. The DLC allows Eivor to reassume the role of Odin and travel to the realm of Svartalfheim to fight back against the invading Jotnar and Muspel. With the help of the Fire Giant armor, Odin will be able to turn the power of Muspel against all his enemies and save the kingdom of the dwarves from the invaders, as well as his son Baldur.

The Fire Giant’s armor consists of all armor of mythic rarity when the Allfather first obtains it. Like any other new set of armor, the Molten Giant can be upgraded from mythic rarity to a new divine level using platinum bars in the forge. Also, if Odin has two pieces of armor, he gets +25 melee damage when his weapon is on fire. When the entire set is purchased and equipped, Odin will also gain +25 Melee Resistance against all enemy types.

Five pieces of the Fire Giant armor set are scattered throughout the kingdom of Svartalfheim in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Odin’s armor can be found in various treasure chests throughout the kingdom in Eitri, Gullnamar and Svaledal. In order to get all the items, players will have to use Odin’s new abilities such as Muspelheim’s Power and Raven’s Power.

How to get the Fire Giant armor

Helm of the Molten Giant

To get the Helmet of the Fire Giant, Odin needs to go to Gomull Bru in Gullnamar. Using Muspelheim’s Force, Odin will need to move a block in the lava at the base of the undamaged building. Quickly grab the Fire Giant’s helmet inside and leave before the block is reset.

Fire Giant Chest

The Molten Giant’s Chest requires Muspelheim’s Strength and Raven’s Strength. Travel to Skidgardar in Gullnamar and the treasure chest will be in a lava cave. To open this chest, you need two keys: the first one is in the chest on the nearby observation tower, and the second one is in the lava field.

Pants of the Fire Giant

In Svaladal, in the same place where Odin’s armor can be found, in Horfinn-nam, there are trousers of the Fire Giant. Enter the mine, use Muspelheim’s power to overcome the lava and pull out the block. Continue moving through the mine, overcoming toxic gas and water, picking up the key to the chest along the way. Use Muspelheim’s power again, go through the next lava pit and find the door leading to the chest.

Bracelets of the Fire Giant

Travel to Uldar, Gullnamar to find the Fire Giant’s Bracelets in a mine full of lava and Muspelheim’s enemies. Cross the lava at the entrance to the mine and go to the upper level. Keep going until you reach a fragile wall, then destroy it and go through it to find a chest on the right.

Cloak of the Fire Giant

The last piece of Fire Giant armor is located in Jarn Herada, Eitri. Head to the central building in the area and use Muspelheim’s Force to move the large block so Odin can use the stairs to get to the last chest.

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