Ashes of War: No Skill in Elden Ring: How to Get

In Elden Ring, having no skill is actually a good thing. Ashes of War are items that allow you to customize your weapon’s abilities. The shield usually starts with the Parry ability, but for example the No Skill ability can be changed to shields.

Every weapon in Elden Ring has an ability attached to it, but some are far less useful than others. Normally, a weapon ability cannot be used if you have a shield in your other hand, as right-clicking instead of using the War Ash skill for your main hand will parry. In Ashes of War: No Skill this will change.

How to get Ashes of War: no skill

Ashes of War: No skill can be purchased from Knight Bernal, an NPC merchant in the Graveyard. Travel to the Gate of Lost Grace area just in front of Thunder Veil Castle and follow the path to the northwest. After a while, you will enter a wooded area, passing by several small hordes of NPC soldiers.

Once you’re in the forest, start looking in the air for the Path of Grace. If you can’t see beams of light, look for a hut surrounded by bright red flowers that can be seen from afar. This is the master’s shack, and inside is the knight Bernal. Ashes of War: No skill costs 600 runes, and there are plenty of other items to buy here if you want to customize Ashes of War for your main weapon.

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