Ashes of War: Lightning Strike in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, Ash of War: Lightning Slash can deal heavy damage, as well as imbue the user’s weapon with this damage type for a short time. Here’s where players can find it in Elden Ring to start adding it to their arsenal.

How to find Ashes of War: Lightning Strike

Finding Ashes of War: Lightning Strike is relatively easy, as long as players know where to look. Unfortunately, it’s locked in the mid-late game zone, so players will have to travel quite a distance to get to it. Finding Ashes of War: Lightning Strike is quite possible for those who are just starting the game, but making it through all the high-level enemies and rogue villains will definitely not be easy.

First you need to get to the Altus Plateau. There are two ways to get there: either go through the abyss littered with ruins and fight the Magma Serpent Makar, or collect the Dectus medallion. For those a bit lower in level but still wanting to get their hands on this Ashes of War, it’s definitely worth going down the medallion path and riding the Great Dectus Lifter into the expansive area, as it won’t require players to defeat difficult bosses along the way.

Once players get to the Altus Plateau, they will want to head towards the long road that runs north of Leindell, past the large city walls. Those with access to the Outer Wall battle location can start there. Along this road, just outside the walls, players will see a small hill that stretches up past several spiked barriers. At the top of this small hill is a camp of soldiers, and in the center of the camp. By defeating this nimble little creature, players will be rewarded with Ashes of War: Lightning Strike.

What does Ashes of War: Thunderbolt do?

Ashes of War: Lightning Strike can be added to any weapon that can accept and will change the player’s weapon skill to Lightning Strike, a powerful attack that summons lightning and then the user swings the weapon down to create a small AOE explosion. The most interesting thing is that after the successful use of the skill, the weapon retains the lightning damage modifier for a small period of time. This gives it a dual purpose – as a damage dealer and as a weapon buffer.

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