Ashes of Raya Lukaria soldiers in Elden Ring: where to find

In Elden Ring, Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes will attract three ghost warriors to your side and can be useful for dealing a lot of physical damage. However, they do not use magic attacks or ranged attacks, so they are not suitable for every single combat scenario.

Where to find the Ashes of Raya Lukaria Soldiers

Catacombs at Dead End

You can find Raja Lukaria’s Soldier Ashes by heading to the Dead End Catacombs, which are located in Lake Liurnia north of the Graveyard. To the north of the entrance to the tomb is the Erd Tree, and to get to it, players will have to go around the side of the mountain. The red arrow in the image below shows the path to follow from the Place of Lost Grace to the Erd Tree.

Once in the Catacombs near the Dead End, you can take one path to get to the chest with the ashes of the spirit, or take the other path to fight the Spirit Summoner and get Ashes of the Glitterstone Mage. This guide will guide players on their way to the Ashes of the soldiers of Raya Lukaria.

Find the ashes of Raya Lukaria’s soldiers in the chest

  • Inside the Catacombs, enter the dungeon and follow the path until you see a lever to pull. This will unlock the door to the boss, but players can skip it for now;
  • Go down the stairs and follow the main path to the east;
  • Keep walking, but watch out for the wall ahead that shoots magic. Try to avoid it and go past the wall that shoots magical arrows;
  • If players continue to move east, they will come to what looks like a dead end, but is actually an invisible wall known as the “Illusory Wall” – a dev trick that has already been seen in Dark Souls;
  • You can attack the wall to make it disappear and open up a new path leading to the chest room;
  • However, beware of the enemies hiding there.

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