Ashes of demihumans in Elden Ring: how to get

Spirit Summoning is a new feature in Elden Ring that allows solo players to gain additional support from NPC allies. Spirit summons use mana, which varies depending on the strength of the summon, and spawn from one to several ghostly NPCs to help you complete difficult tasks.

If there is a tombstone-like symbol on the left side of the screen, it means that you can summon spirits in this place. This is usually a sign that you’re about to go through a difficult zone or encounter a boss, and there aren’t many summoners in Elden Ring that can deal with a group of enemies in the early game like Demihumans.

How to get Demihuman Ashes

The ashes of the demihumans are stored at the end of the imp catacombs in the northern part of the Weeping Peninsula. Travel to the eastern part of the Graveyard and follow the road north until you are almost outside of the Graveyard. Look along the cliffs at the edge of the Weeping Peninsula for large doors that serve as the entrance to this dungeon.

It’s not a particularly difficult dungeon, but the end boss – Cerberus of the Cemetery of the Tree of Erd – is surprisingly nimble, especially compared to the one found in the catacombs under the rock. Also, this boss spawns with four allies, so it’s a good idea to bring your summoned spirit with you as a distraction. When defeated, this boss will give you Dust of the Demihumans.

Five demihumans, one spirit summoner

Demihuman Ashes spawns five mobs for a fairly high mana cost of 69 mana, one of the most mana expensive spirits in the early game. Each of these demihumans is taken from other demihuman enemies in the world, and their power varies. A large one, for example, hits hard, but slowly, while small ones are weak, but fast.

Basically, it’s a strict improvement on Dust of a Highborne Wizard, which creates five pathetic weak Volks for a fairly cheap mana cost. Although it requires more resources, the Demihumans summoned with these ashes have a decent amount of health, can move quickly like wolves, and are an aggressive, loud distraction that can deal with large groups of enemies so well that players can often sneak right in. through a hassle without drawing attention to themselves.

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