Ancient Hero Zamora in Elden Ring: how to win

In Elden Ring, the Ancient Hero Zamora (Fyv) is a unique field boss that spawns inside the prison. These dungeons are located in different places and will teleport you underground to fight the boss in a designated arena.

The fight with the Ancient Hero Zamora is optional, so you can progress through the story without fighting him. However, by defeating him, you can get Runes and a unique Talisman. His attacks don’t do much damage, but he can freeze, which will force you to be careful with dodges and blocks.

Overview of Ancient Hero Zamora

  • Location: Weeping Penitentiary, Graveyard
  • Spirit Calls: No
  • Drop: Seal of Radagon Scar
  • Weakness: Magic

The Ancient Hero of Zamora is a boss that you will encounter in the Weeping Pens in the Graveyard. The prison is located in the west of the Weeping Peninsula. Along the way, you will meet other bosses that are in caves or ride horses. Fighting this boss is optional and not necessary to progress through the game. To activate the prison, you need to use the Sword Key and insert it into the statue.

Warning: You cannot use Flux to fight the boss.

Tip: You can use magic spells or Ashes of War on your weapons to increase damage.

You cannot summon online players or Spirits to help you in combat. Defeating the boss will earn you Radagon’s Seal of Scars, a talisman that grants increased affinity at the cost of more damage.

How to defeat Ancient Hero Zamora

The boss doesn’t have many attacks, but he does have a second phase where his sword starts dealing ice damage to you.


ice attack

The boss kneels down and starts blowing an icy wind towards the player in the shape of a cone. This deals minor damage and increases the frostbite the longer you stay in it.

  • Tip: You need to run left or right when he starts to kneel.

Spin Attack

“Dances” and attacks by swinging from left to right twice.

  • Tip: You can either block both of his attacks or dodge to the left.

Freezing Sword

When the boss reaches 50% health, he sits down and enchants his sword with frost.


The ancient hero Zamora creates a storm with a protective hail flying around him. Staying in this area deals damage and inflicts Frostbite.

  • Tip: As soon as you see him start the animation, run away from him.

strong attack

The boss twists slightly and lunges forward, stabbing the sword towards the player.

  • Tip: Dodging in either direction will avoid damage.


There are two stages in the fight against the Ancient Hero of Zamora. You will need to fight carefully and not be greedy, otherwise you will get frostbite and die. There are also two strategies for dealing with the boss: fight in melee, dodging all of his attacks, or reduce his health from a distance.

Close combat strategy

For a melee strategy, you need to stay aggressive. In the first phase of the fight, the boss uses Spin Attack and Chill Attack. For a spin attack, you can use the “R2 block” attack to damage the boss and break his posture. The chill attack is slow but deadly if you stay in the area.

Tip: During this animation, you can sneak up on the boss from behind to get 2-3 free hits.

The boss will slowly but surely chase you if you try to run away from him. Avoid frostbite, as in this case, the attacks of the boss will nullify your shield. Once the boss reaches 50 percent health, he will enchant his sword for frostbite. This happens with a big animation and the boss becomes vulnerable. You can walk up to him and attack him until he gets up and is ready to strike again.

Tip: If you want to stay at medium range to safely avoid his attacks and use your sword, you can use Sorcery.

Carian Blade increases the range of your sword. This is also a magic attack, so it will deal a lot of damage to the boss as he is weak against it.

Ranged strategy

This is a simple strategy. You need to equip and use your staff to poke the boss from a safe distance. In this strategy, all your focus should be on staying away from the boss by dodging and using magic. You can get in mid-range to force the boss to start a hit animation allowing you to dodge and counterattack. The boss is weak against magic so you will deal a lot of damage this way.

Tip: If you can’t use sorcery, you can use a bow. Be sure to bring plenty of arrows into battle as you will need them.

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