Ancient Dragon Greyall in Elden Ring: How to Defeat

In Elden Ring, the Elder Dragon Greyoll is a massive dragon lying on the ground surrounded by normal dragons in the Star Waste. This is an optional boss, but it is popular, as players can get a large amount of runes for its relative ease of killing.

Grayall is a huge dragon suffering from the Scarlet Rot and unable to fly. Her only means of protection is her children, who sleep nearby. She will wake them up with a mighty roar, calling to protect her mother.

Overview of Ancient Dragon Greyall

  • Location: Fort Pharos, Greyall’s Dragon Communion, Wasteland Star
  • Required: No
  • Summons: Players and Spirits
  • Drop: 50,000 runes, Gryol’s Roar, Dragon’s Heart
  • Weakness: Bleeding

The ancient dragon Greyall is the empress of all dragons. That’s the definition of a tank, Greyolla’s flight abilities may have vanished due to the Red Rot, but her children are still there to protect their mother. Even attacking Greyall takes time and patience if you don’t want to face her brood of deadly babies, so you might want a weapon with maximum power or bleed damage capability.

Review of Little Dragon Greyall

  • Location: Fort Pharos, Greyall’s Dragon Communion, Wasteland Star
  • Required: No
  • Summons: Players and Spirits
  • Drops: 5.423 Runes per Dragon, 5 Dragon Hearts
  • Weakness: Bleeding, Elemental attacks

There are five of her baby dragons here, and they are about half the size of dragon bosses like Aeghil. If you decide to fight them, you will realize that their health is already half used up. Be sure to deal with them one by one, as they are more vulnerable to various attacks than their mother. Grayall may be underground right now, but her health pool is huge. However, keep in mind that by killing all 5 dragons, you will subsequently kill Grayall as well.

Ancient Dragon Greyall Attacks

As already stated, just because Grayall can no longer take to the air does not mean that she is completely devoid of all defensive powers. She may not be able to unleash dragon fire, but she can still move her head and wings slightly and call her babies to her defense. We will give you a complete overview of the Greyall attacks.

Roar of Greyall

As soon as you are within line of sight of Greyall or approach her from behind and start attacking or attacking her cubs, Greyall will let out a loud, high-pitched roar. This will alert her baby dragons and they will start hunting you.

  • Tip: Stick to her tail or call on the Spirit Ashes and start destroying her cubs one by one.

Tail attack

Greyall’s dragon babies have the usual moveset you see in the fight with Winged Dragon Eghill. You will be able to tell when they are about to perform a tail sweep attack if they raise their tail at a certain angle.

  • Tip: As soon as you see the tail rising, immediately rush forward. Or, if you’re on horseback, gallop away.


Another attack that Greyall’s baby dragons make is that they attack with their mouths open, ready to bite you. They deliver a swift blow, swinging their jaws.

  • Tip: You can use a shield to block this attack. But if more than one dragon flies at you, run away at a gallop.

Ground Strike

With this attack, the dragon flies into the air and then lands with a devastating blow.

  • Tip: Either leave at a gallop, or roll forward and as far as possible from this devastating attack.

How to defeat the Ancient Dragon Greyall

If you’re playing melee or casting spells, there are two scenarios. You can kill her children, which will automatically kill Greyall as well. Or you can take a slow and steady path and attack Greyall with a weapon that deals bleeding damage.

Close combat strategy

If you’re primarily a melee fighter, you can literally mock this fight by having a weapon that bleeds or coating your weapon in blood grease. Position yourself on the left side of Greyall, because there are two of her dragon hatchlings on the other side. You can do this at the middle of her tail, on horseback or on foot. Slowly but surely, your weapons will cause profuse blood loss, and you will be able to kill Greyall without running into baby dragons.

If you want to face baby dragons, use a shield and make sure your weapon is at or close to max. They will be easily dealt with with False Tear or any other spirit you have upgraded to +7.

Ranged strategy

If you play mainly as a sorcerer and only want to focus on Greyall, then blood loss spells like Swarm of Flies will be perfect. But otherwise, Grayall is immune to almost all types of attacks.

For baby dragons, it’s better to call Mimic Tear for safety net. As for attacks, deal with them quickly with Throwing Stone or Azur’s Comet spells. You can even use weapons like the Darkmoon Katana, Rivers of Blood, or Reduvius Daggers for ranged combat.

General Tips

  • Equip a weapon with Bleeding;
  • Coat your weapon in Blood Grease or use Ashes of War: Seppuku;
  • Use the Throwing Stone spell on the baby dragons;
  • For mages, try the swarm of flies spell;
  • Use elemental spellcasting on baby dragons;
  • Summon Spirits or Players when dealing with baby dragons;
  • Upgrade your weapon to at least +7.

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