Ancestral spirit in Elden Ring: how to win

Elden Ring is home to some of the most gorgeous locations in FromSoftware’s flawless repertoire of uniquely beautiful and grotesque games. The Siofra River is one of the best examples of the team’s artistic prowess. It perfectly showcases the acclaimed studio’s stunning art direction, culminating in one of the most beautiful boss fights in the game.

The Ancestral Spirit fight in Elden Ring will be remembered by fans for years to come, as everything that preceded it and the fight itself are all the bosses that make these games so loved. Given that the last six games have followed a similar formula, it’s safe to say they continue to surprise and delight their audiences.

Ancestral Spirit Overview

  • Location: Siofra River
  • Spirit Summons: Yes
  • Drop: 13,000 Runes, Ancestor Worshiper’s Ashes
  • Weakness: Unknown

While getting to the Ancestral Spirit can be excruciatingly difficult, the combat itself isn’t all that bad and sits at the bottom of the “difficult” category. However, this does not mean that the battle is terrible or uninteresting. In fact, Ancestral Spirit is one of the most beautiful and spectacular encounters in the entire game. And for this we appreciate him like a deer.

In any case, as stated, the path to the Ancestral Spirit can be grueling, which may be one of the reasons why you looked here. In that case, please check out our guide on where to find the eight braziers in the Siofra River, as it outlines the steps needed to reach this encounter!

Ancestral Spirit Attacks

Ancestral Spirit, as majestic as it is, is a relatively simple fight, with a few hard hits requiring your full attention to dodge and move properly. An ancestral spirit with a series of devastating attacks, savage strikes, and beautiful splashes of bluish-white flames, is a great showcase boss.

Flying Ethereal Flame

The spirit of the ancestor occasionally jumps into the air and moves from left to right, spewing blue-white flames in your direction. The flame moves slowly and spreads slightly after contact with the ground.

  • Tip: Be patient and back away from the flames. Do not attempt to dash under the boss while he is performing this action, as you will most likely be stunned by the flames and may die. Just let the boss play his turn and get ready for a small list of attacks that can follow him.

Charged attack in the air

Typically, after performing a Flying Ethereal Flame attack, the Ancestral Spirit tries to catch up by performing a kind of Charged Attack in the Air. In this action, the boss jumps into the air three times and finishes with a charged kick towards the player.

  • Tip: After you see the Ancestral Spirit make its third jump, immediately after that, roll left or right to dodge the blow. If you time it right, you can avoid all the damage and recoil and land a few hits before going on the defensive again.

Ground Ethereal Flame

Similar to the Flying Ethereal Flame attack, the Ancestral Spirit spews bluish-white flames to the ground below it. However, when attacking from the ground, the flames start at his feet and spread as the boss attempts to get closer to the player.

  • Tip: When you see the Ancestral Spirit launch this attack – this is indicated by a bluish-white flame flaring up in its mouth – create distance between you and the boss. While it is possible to take risks here and try to attack or get close, we advise you to simply move away from this place until the attack is over.

blow with horns

Periodically during combat, the Ancestral Spirit will perform a “Horn Slam” attack, usually when you are very close to it. The boss makes wide sweeping movements with his horns, shaking his head about three times before stopping.

  • Tip: Since this attack is one of the few that are difficult to telegraph, we recommend that you always be ready for it when you are close. Each attack can be deflected to negate damage, and there will never be more than three attacks in a row, so you know when to stop and land a few hits.

Charged attack

If you are at a decent distance from the Ancestral Spirit, he will usually perform one of his air attacks, but sometimes he can add a charge attack to keep you from coming to your senses. This action is fast but well telegraphed.

  • Tip: If at any point you see the Ancestral Spirit lower its head with its horns facing you, you need to prepare to either dodge or make a well-timed roll to then go on the offensive. Since this attack is read from a mile away, we prefer to choose the latter option and land a few hits.

How to defeat the Ancestral Spirit

Whether you prefer to get up close or attack your enemies from a safe distance, Ancestral Spirit shouldn’t pose much of a threat if you play your cards right. If you’ve made your way through the nightmarish enemy layout to get here, then you’ll easily deal with this boss.

Ancestral Spirit doesn’t have a lot of ultimate attacks (or attacks in general) and is a relatively quiet boss in the grand scheme of everything Elden Ring has to offer. Since the zone leading to this encounter is very difficult, we recommend being at least level 30-35 before attempting it. And if you are at this level, then you should be more than ready if you get to it.

Hand-to-hand combat strategy

For melee oriented players, we highly recommend a lot of patience in this fight, as many of the Ancestral Spirit’s attacks are slow-paced and reactive. By luring the boss’s attacks with Flutter Jump, Charge, and Antler Sweep, you’ll be in the best position to land plenty of hits, with plenty of time to prepare for what’s to come. Impatience will be your doom here, so just take it step by step.

Also, if you have a weapon capable of inflicting the Bleeding status effect, we strongly recommend that you use it (if it is upgraded), as it will take large chunks of health from the boss in just a few hits. We recommend using the Reduvius Dagger if you go this route.

Ranged strategy

The strategy for firing at the Ancestral Spirit is slightly different from what we presented in the melee section. However, you will eventually aim to lure a couple of attacks while avoiding most of them. Again, the goal here is to be patient and not rush into doom. Since you want to be at a safe distance, you need to get the beast to attack from the air as often as possible, and after it lands on the ground, cast spells at it.

One of the most popular strategies is to summon the Spirit of the Medusa at the moment the Spirit of the Ancestor makes a Charged Attack in the air, which will draw his attention after landing. While the boss is ground attacking Medusa, you can safely cast spells until she gets airborne again. Then just wait until she lands, ask your jellyfish friend to get aggro and repeat all the steps until you kill the Ancestral Spirit.

General Tips

  • Reach level 30-35 or higher;
  • Beware of his Bash of Horns;
  • Be patient. The attack during most of his attacks will be deadly;
  • If available, melee players should use Reduvius’ Dagger or Ashes of War: Blood Strike;
  • If you’re a ranged player, use Jellyfish Ashes to your advantage.

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