All VHS tapes in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge: where to find

The VHS Tape is a collectible item in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge that serves as a quest item needed to complete Vernon’s special request. Completing this challenge grants players 100 points which they can use to level up their characters. VHS tapes can be found in destructible objects such as trash cans or crates. Fans will know they’ve found one of Vernon’s quest items when the message “VHS Tape Found!” appears above the character’s head, accompanied by a black rectangular tape icon.

There are a total of five VHS tapes hidden in the story mode levels. The first tape is in episode 6, the second one can be found in episode 7. In episode 10 there is a third tape, and in episode 11 there is a fourth one and finally, in the 13th episode you can find Vernon’s fifth tape.

Where to Find Every Vernon VHS Tape

Below is a list of locations where each VHS tape can be found in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge:

VHS Tape 1: Episode 6

While exploring the mall, players will pass by the “Random Clothing store”. To the right of the entrance to this store, between two flowerpots with plants, there is a trash can. Break the trash can to find a VHS tape.

VHS Tape 2: Episode 7

As players cross the treacherous rooftops of Episode 7, they will come across an orange cone next to a large rectangular hole. Use the attack to open the toolbox to the right of the cone and get the next VHS tape.

VHS Tape 3: Episode 10

After leaving the dark alley, players will come across a cluster of boxes and crates at the entrance to the alley. Break the second drawer marked with your foot to find a VHS tape.

VHS Tape 4: Episode 11

After you avoid the triceratops crowd in the halls of the museum, find the magazine stand next to the giant horned skull on the wall. Destroy the stand to find the fourth VHS tape.

VHS Tape 5: Episode 13

In front of the enemy in the turret, which moves from side to side, you can find a box with a mark. Open the drawer to get the last VHS tape.

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