All Vangrinn artifacts in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok: where to find

The Dawn of Ragnarok has come. Eivor must now face the Lord of Muspelheim, Xavi, in the latest expansion for Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. While there is a sense of urgency to the narrative, you won’t have to rush into battle and face Surtr’s hordes head-on. Instead, you can spend several hours exploring the riches, secrets, and artifacts of Svartalfheim.

Dwarven Land is made up of four main regions – Wangrinn is one of them, and it’s huge! There are many artifacts waiting for you in this land, and this guide will help you find all the artifacts hidden in the Vangrinn region. You can also collect them after completing the story, if you don’t want to break the immersion in the game associated with the narrative.

Where to find all the Vangrinn artifacts in the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC

Vangrinn is the farthest western region of Svartalfheim, and a total of 14 artifacts can be collected here. Be sure to get Raven’s Power before you start exploring – being able to fly around the map will be of immense value if you want to get things done quickly.

Wangrinn contains six cosmetic schemes, five uncut gems, two heroic sagas, and one jotun Blythe. The runestone you get after killing the jotuns can be used to clean parts of the Hreidmars armor set, so don’t forget to collect it.

Vangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #1

Vangrinn’s first Cosmetic Cache is located on an island near the region’s northeastern border. This island has a raid location called Dolgar Milna, and the artifact is inside a tower-like building in the northern part of the water mill. The cosmetic scheme can be found on the right side of the wooden table as soon as you enter the room.

You don’t need to raid this camp yet, but if you want to get two birds with one stone, just call your team to the raid and loot Milna. Here you will find all sorts of valuable resources, among which silica is the most important. However, you can also just sneak past the guards, grab the Cosmetic Schematic, and hit the road.

Vangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #2

Vangrinn’s second cosmetic scheme can be found at Draupnir Smid, located on the far western border of the region. Once you reach the area marked on the map, look for the ruins. The ruins are directly west of Hodda’s Retreat, but first you’ll need to walk a few hundred meters. The cosmetic scheme is right next to a couple of old parchments and a rope.

Just north of the artifact, there is also a Mythic Memory.

Vangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #3

Getting to Vangrinn’s third cosmetic scheme is a bit more difficult than the first two, but it’s nothing you can’t achieve in the blink of an eye. The artifact is located in Drekatorp, in a locked warehouse. Fortunately, the key to it is not far away – there is an Ashbearer nearby. Just destroy Muspel, take the key and unlock the warehouse.

The cosmetic scheme will be on your left, on a wooden table at the far end of the room.

Vangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #4

Vangrinn’s fourth cosmetic scheme is located in an area called Gullinbursti Smida. It is almost impossible to miss thanks to the giant statues of dwarves dotted around it. Just look for a small camp in the open space between the statues. The cosmetic scheme is on a dirty reddish carpet.

Nearby is also a Mythic Memory. This is a memory of Loki’s bet with the sons of Ivaldi and how Gullinbursti – a living metal boar, according to legend – was born.

Wangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #5

Wangrinn’s fifth cosmetic scheme is located in a village called Hwithhus, you can find it directly west of Gullinbursti Smid once you pass the lakes. To get your hands on this artifact, you must solve the light beam puzzle in the ruins.

You’ll need the Power of Jotunheim to solve this puzzle, as one of the beam stones is locked inside the ruined tower. The room on the second floor contains a World Node that you can teleport to with your bow. Break the wooden lock and take the beam stone, exit the room and put the stone in place.

The puzzle itself is simple. Just bounce the beam from one stone to another and open the treasure room. The cosmetic scheme will be directly to your right when you enter the room.

Vangrinn’s cosmetic scheme #6

The sixth and final Vangrinn Cosmetic Plan in this region is located inside a cave that is full of treasure. Here you can also find a part of the torso of the armor of the gnome blacksmith. You will need to use the Force of Muspelheim or Jotunheim to get to the place where the Cosmetic Artifact is stored.

Go to Hreidmar’s Groft, find the lava flow and follow it to the crack leading to the cave. The last cosmetic scheme is on the other side of the lava river, on the altar. Use your powers to reach the other shore and retrieve the artifact.

Vangrinn’s Uncut Gem #1

This uncut gem is found in a jotun camp on the southern borders of Wangrinn, a few hundred meters east of Fornbama. The camp is out in the open and hard to miss, given that everything around is green and the jotun camps are made of snow and ice. The raw gem is inside one of the stone pillars, just climb on it and collect it.

Rough Vangrinn Gem #2

The second rough gem is on the second floor of a building located in the center of Jarnshus. The gem is in a restricted area, so it’s best to act stealthily. You can either use the wooden ladder to climb up or jump inside through the open window. The latter option is safer and more secretive; the gem will lie on the wooden table.

Vangrinn’s Rough Gem #3

The third uncut gem is located near the farthest western viewpoint in Wanggrinn. Quickly get to the viewpoint, go a little to the northwest, and you will see a snow-covered camp near a rocky hill on green grass. The gem lies on a wooden box in this small camp.

Rough Wanggrinne Gemstone #4

You can find the fourth uncut gem almost directly east of the viewpoint in the northern part of Wangrinn. It is located inside the destroyed building by the broken well, on the second floor (which is also destroyed) on a wooden platform. With the Raven Force, you can fly to this place in a matter of seconds.

Vangrinn’s Rough Gemstone #5

The fifth and final uncut gem can be found on an island by the lake at the northernmost point of Wanggrinn. The island is quite small and the gem is located on one of the high points of this landmass.

The Heroic Saga of Vangrinn #1

The first Heroic Saga in Wangrinn is located in Jofurrsmid, a city located near the region’s southeastern border with Gullnamar. The artifact is inside a three-story tower-like building, but the entrance to it is locked. Kill the flamekeeper guarding the entrance, take the key and unlock the door.

The heroic saga of Gaefuleisi and the cursed fairy is on the second floor on a wooden table. Don’t forget to loot all the other treasures as well.

The Heroic Saga of Vangrinn #2

The second heroic saga called “Gaefuleisi and the Dull Combat” is located in Feigardr, a stronghold in Vangrinn. This stronghold is located on the southern coast of the region, in fact it is a small island connected to the mainland by a bridge.

The artifact is in one of the prison cells, but you will need a key to open it. To get the key, you must purchase the Power of Jotunheim. Teleport to the main chamber in the center and collect all the keys there. Unlock the chamber from the inside and open the chamber door that holds the artifact.

Blessing of Jotun Vangrinn

There is only one Blessing of Jotun Vangrinn in Wangrinn, and it is located a few hundred meters north of Hodda’s Retreat, in a swampy area. Once you reach the kill zone, use your Odin senses and destroy all four red skulls to clear the area. Using Odin’s vision on one of the skulls will take you to the next one. The last red skull at the top of the snowy hill contains a Rune of Clarity Artifact.

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