All types of rocket ammo in Rust: how to craft artillery

Nothing is secure in Rust. There is no forest secluded enough, no base wall thick enough to keep greedy raiders from stealing everything a man wants to protect. The question is not whether a person will be raided, but when. In such a cruel world, the only way out is to become just as cruel.

Rust dominates the hardcore survival genre with its hauntingly enjoyable raids. Enemies build walls, turrets and fortified doors in hopes of keeping their loot safe, and the player comes along and blasts it all to pieces. Missiles are the best weapon of destruction, allowing you to destroy even the strongest clan base in the blink of an eye. Here’s everything players need to know about crafting this weapon of war.


  • Time to create: 10 seconds
  • Stack size: 3
  • Materials needed: 2 metal pipes, 150 gunpowder, 10 explosives
  • Damage: 350
  • Research Scrap: 125

Rockets are the weapon that popularized the term “rocket raid”, it’s the simplest of the three rocket options and the most popular. The damage dealt by missiles kills nearby players in one hit even if they are wearing the best armor, but missiles are not commonly used in normal combat despite their incredible lethality.

A game as addictive as Rust wouldn’t be complete without a few different ways to achieve its goals, so rockets can be built from scratch if the player doesn’t have the required top-level materials on hand. It requires 2 metal pipes, 100 metal fragments, 30 low grade fuel, 1.400 sulfur and 1.950 charcoal. Crafting rockets and a rocket launcher requires blueprints provided by a level 3 workbench, so the player will have to spend some time (not to mention 1,000 metal fragments, 100 high quality metal, and 1,250 scrap) to upgrade.

high speed rockets

  • Time to create: 10 seconds
  • Stack size: 3
  • Materials needed: 1 metal pipe and 100 gunpowder
  • Damage: 225
  • Research Scrap: 125

High Speed ​​Missiles require fewer materials than Standard Missiles, so players trying to jump-start the game after erasing may find them easier to manufacture. In addition, high-speed missiles are faster and more accurate than conventional ones.

Flaw? High Velocity Missiles do significantly less damage than normal missiles, making them not the best choice for raiding enemy bases, especially large and complex ones. Raids are fast paced anyway, so anything that drags them out and gives the enemy more room to come back is a problem, which is why most players prefer standard missiles.

incendiary rockets

  • Time to create: 10 seconds
  • Stack size: 1
  • Materials needed: 2 metal pipes, 250 gunpowder, 1 explosive, 250 low-grade fuel
  • Damage: 25
  • Research Scrap: 125

Incendiary rockets are a unique alternative to rockets and high-voltage rockets. They do much less damage than even HC missiles, and they don’t work against stone, sheet metal, and armored walls, making them completely unsuitable for raiding these solid bases.

However, as their name suggests, incendiary rockets can set wooden structures on fire, and while they cannot destroy armored walls, they will sometimes cause a fire on the opposite side of such walls upon impact, making them useful for taking out enemies from cover. Incendiary Missiles are basically specialized items used to complete specific tasks during a raid, such as destroying turrets, before switching to standard missiles for the rest of the raid. Diverse strategies like this one is one of the reasons why players have been playing this survival game for so long.

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