All types of currencies in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy has a currency used for various purposes. Some of these currencies can be earned in the game, while others must be purchased with money. In this guide, we will cover all types of currencies in Tower of Fantasy and what they do.

There are nine different types of currencies in Tower of Fantasy. Each type of currency is used to pay for various items and in-game features.

All types of base currency

These nine currencies fall into two separate categories: “Base” currency and “Other” currency. They are mainly used to upgrade and purchase powerful weapons and characters. Both of these currencies are earned by spending real money in the shop.

  • Dark Crystal: Contains unstable energy and is sometimes used as a power source. One of the currencies that can be exchanged for items in the Store.
  • Tanium: stable crystals, most often used for energy. One of the currencies that can be exchanged for items in the Store.

All other currencies

Other types of currency are earned from various sources. They can be earned without spending real money.

  • Achievements: points earned after completing an achievement. Accumulate achievements and get rewards on the achievements page;
  • Amusement Park: obtained by playing the rides on the island of Cetus. Use them in exchange for rewards exclusive to the island of Cetus with Enfi on the island;
  • Black Gold: A token crafted by blacksmiths from old Omnium weapons. Traded only in special markets. Can be exchanged for weapons;
  • Flame Gold: Exchangeable for limited edition weapons during a limited event. At the end of the limited event, Flame Gold will be converted into Black Gold;
  • Gold: A coin minted from tin and gold. The most widespread currency in all the earth;
  • Overclocking Chip (Revival): Exchange for Limited Edition Matrices. Converted to basic chips of equal value after the end of the limited order;
  • Training Points: Universal training glasses.

Completing the main story missions and playing with friends will help you earn a decent amount of this currency. Earn as much as you can to spend on rare weapons and character upgrades in Tower of Fantasy.

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