All the places where gestures unlock new content in Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers players a variety of gestures that can affect the game in unpredictable ways. They can be found almost everywhere and unlocked in many ways. While the gestures are primarily for communication between players, some of them can trigger reactions from NPCs in Elden Ring or even open secret areas. So far, the Elden Ring community has discovered two locations that can be opened with a gesture; both of them require the use of a gesture and are located in Lake Liurnia.

Gestures in Elden Ring can be performed by opening the menu, going to the slots in the lower right corner and using the action button to select one of them. Players can select up to six Emotes at a time, but can change them to any they have purchased by following the respective prompt buttons shown at the bottom of the screen. For those who play on the PlayStation, gestures can be associated with the directional movement of the controller. To use it during the game, players must simply hold All the places where gestures unlock new content in Elden Ring and perform the movement associated with the gesture they want to use.

Unlocking new content with gestures in Elden Ring

An example of using a gesture to interact with an NPC can be found during Blyde’s quest. In the Misty Forest, located in the eastern part of the Graveyard, players will be able to find Blyde for the first time by following the wolf howl to the Misty Forest Ruins. He will initially be located very high on top of the ruins and cannot be interacted with until players visit Cale the Trader, one of the traveling merchants, in Elle’s Temple to learn the Snap Fingers gesture. Players can then approach Bladed and perform this gesture, and he will jump down from the ruins to speak to the player.

Prayer for Patch’s mercy

Another example of the use of gestures to interact with NPCs can be seen in the example of Patch, which is first encountered in the Dirty Cave, near the river. Inside the cave, players will meet with Patch. After he loses about 75% of his health, Patch will give up, and if the players stop attacking him, they will receive a “Pray for mercy” gesture. If players attack Patchwork again after befriending him, he will tell players to surrender when they are low on health, at which point players can use the Pray for Mercy gesture to force him to stop attacking. For this, players will receive the “Ultimate Regret” emote.

Where to use the Wisdom gesture in Lake Liurnia

Two places where players can use gestures to unlock new areas are the Shaped Tower and the Upside Down Shaped Tower in Lake Liurnia. The modified tower is located in the southwestern region of the map. In it, you just need to use the Wisdom gesture in front of the statue in the center of the tower, so that a magical staircase appears, leading to one of the Memory Stones. To unlock the Wisdom Emote, players need to give Tops, found in the Irit Church, the second Academy Magic Stick that players will find in Raya Lukaria’s Academy.

The second location is the Inverted Modified Tower, which can be found in the northeastern region of Lake Lyurnia. This tower has a magically locked door that requires players to perform the Wisdom gesture while wearing one of the many crowns of enchantments to open it. Lastly, players can find Enchantment Crowns in Raya Lukaria’s Academy, the first of which is the Place of Grace next to the school classroom. From there, players must turn left in the hallway and hit the empty bookcase on the other side of the room to find one of the Illusory Walls. After that, jump to the left from the balcony and climb up the rocks at the end of the path to find Olivius’ Crown of Glittering Stones. Finally, upon climbing the tower of the Transformed Edge, players will be rewarded with Khaima’s Cannon and the Hammer of Khaima sorcery.

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