All the merchants in V Rising and how to find them

Merchants are interacting NPCs in V Rising who can sell rare and exclusive items in exchange for silver coins. These NPC merchants can be killed and respawned, just like Bloodbearers V; however, players cannot do business with these characters until they unlock the vampire ability known as Human Form. As the name suggests, Human Form is an ability that allows V Rising Vampires to transform into a hooded humanoid, disguising their true form as a bloodthirsty fiend. With this ability, players can approach any merchant and make a purchase without fear of aggression.

In order to unlock human form in V Rising, the vampires must kill Tailor Beatrice, a bearer of V’s blood found in Dawn Village in the DanlĂ­ lands. The boss fight is moderately easy, as she doesn’t retaliate, but runs throughout the fight in a frenzied manner. Once players defeat the Tailor, they can consume her blood to gain the power to access the Merchants of Vardoran.

However, another quandary that fans of V Rising will have to deal with is the Silver Disease, a detrimental status effect that occurs whenever a vampire is in possession of silver ore or silver coins. While this disease does not prevent players from doing business with merchants, it can be quite inconvenient when you lose health when trying to buy seeds or hats. Accordingly, this problem can be solved by drinking silver resistance potions or wearing clothes that increase silver resistance.

Where to find every merchant in V Rising

Once the Vardoran vampires have accumulated enough silver coins, unlocked human form, and obtained the funds to fight the silver disease, their next task will be to find NPC merchants in the world of V Rising. There are currently three merchants in the game, which can be found in three of the five regions of Vardoran:

  • Shadow Trader Gavin: Farbane Woods
  • Burke Traveling Trader: DanlĂ­ Lands
  • Trader Ottar: Silverlight Hills

Trader Ottar is the highest level trader, but also the easiest to find. He sits in his shop at a certain location in the southern part of the Brighthaven slums. On the other hand, Burke and Gavin are constantly on the move, like Vampire Hunters from Blood V. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know the exact location of these two merchants, as they cannot be tracked from the Altar of Blood like Carriers. Those who play with two or more friends will likely have an easier time finding Burke and Gavin, as they can cover more territory during a search expedition.

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