All the great runes in Elden Ring and what they do

Many bosses in Elden Ring will give players special Greater Runes that can provide powerful buffs, provided players know how to activate them. Players will receive these items when they kill one of the main bosses, the first of which in Elden Ring will most likely be Godric the Hundred Hands in Stormveil Castle. However, it’s not enough to just get these runes, as players will need to not only activate and equip them, but also combine them with a consumable in Elden Ring.

Obtaining the Great Rune is only the first step in harnessing its power. To activate it, players need to find and climb the Holy Tower associated with the boss they received the rune from. These towers are often padlocked and only open when players attempt to do so with the correct Greater Rune in their possession. After activating the rune, players will need to equip it, which can be done at any Place of Grace.

After players activate and equip the Greater Rune, they will need to activate its effects, which depend on which boss it was obtained from. To take advantage of an equipped Greater Rune, players need to activate the Greater Rune in Elden Ring. This activates an effect that lasts indefinitely and only expires upon death. Greater Runes can be found in many places, but they can also be bought from the Twin Old Handmaids and a few other merchants in the game.

All the great runes in Elden Ring and their effects

Greater Rune of Godric

The Greater Rune of Godric the Hundred-Handed, the first boss most likely to be fought by players, can be found in Thunder Veil Castle in the Graveyard, and its rune increases all attributes by five.

Greater Rune of the Neverborn

This rune can be obtained by defeating Rennala in Raya Lukaria’s Academy in Lake Liurnia. This Greater Rune is unique among others in that it cannot be equipped or activated. Instead, she gives players the ability to change stats in Elden Ring, in Raya Lukaria’s library, in exchange for Larva’s Tear.

Greater Rune of Radan

This item can be obtained by defeating Radan in Redmane Castle in the Starry Wastes. It increases health points by 15%, stamina by 12.5%, and focus points by 12.5%.

Greater Rune of Morgott

It can be obtained by killing Morgott, King of Omens in Leindell, the royal capital, and it increases your total health points by 25%.

Greater Rune of Ricard

To obtain this rune, players need to kill Rikard, the Blasphemous Overlord, at Volcano Manor on Gelmir Volcano. By activating it, players will heal themselves for 185 points each time they kill an enemy.

Greater Rune of Mog

This rune can be obtained by defeating Mog, Lord of Blood in the Mogwin Palace, and gives players the ability to buff creatures when invading other players’ worlds.

Greater Rune of Malenia

The final rune can be obtained by defeating Malenia, Mikella’s blade in Elden Ring, and she introduces the “rally” mechanic from Bloodborne into the game. After players take damage, they will have a window of about five seconds in which they can attack to heal themselves based on the damage taken and dealt. However, while this Greater Rune is active, Crimson Flasks will only heal for 25% of their normal amount.

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