All the fight circles in Horizon: Forbidden West: everything you need to know

Among the many side activities to explore in Horizon: Forbidden West, one of the earliest you’ll encounter is combat circles. The first of these will be introduced to you in Grind of the Mountain, and it will allow you to dive into the basics of hand-to-hand combat.

However, there are other battle circles – in each of them there are challenges and a master who needs to be defeated. Earn their tokens and accept the final challenge that awaits you: the Tenakt fight. Here’s everything you need to know about fighting circles.

What are fight circles?

Small arenas in large settlements, fight circles will provide you with several jumping services. However, the main goal remains the same – to practice and improve hand-to-hand combat skills.

The first fight circle can be found in Grinder Mountain, and it’s not one of the top three. Instead, it serves as an introduction to what fighting circles are. The Circle Wizard will walk you through the basics and you’ll be up and running in no time.

They will tell you about other fighting circles – the three main ones in large settlements. If you pass the challenges in each of them, you will receive a token of this circle. Earn all three tokens for a chance to face Tenakt, Fortress, the master of all combat circles.

Each Fight Circle offers three different services, which you can read about below.


Fighting circles offer training programs. You will be placed in a fighting circle with your opponent and the circle master will teach you the basics. These can be simple light attacks, heavy attacks, etc. However, there are also tutorials for each combo and special moves that must first be unlocked in the skill tree. But when you do, it’s worth going back to the fight circle to test out the new skill.


There are also tasks in the fighting circle. They can teach you some more advanced melee moves and abilities, which is a great way to learn more as you play. However, the last test in each circle will be a fight with the owner of the circle himself. These battles become more difficult with each battle circle, and by winning them, you will receive the token you need from each circle master.


Finally, you have a workout mode. In it, you can simply fight with a standard opponent in an endless battle. Use it to practice some skills, timing dodges, or even just hit someone with a spear over and over again without consequences – you do it yourself. There is practice in each fight circle, so there is always an opportunity to hone your skills.

Locations of all fight circles

There are three main fight circles outside of the Mountain Grinder that you will have to overcome if you want to earn all the tokens and face Tenakt. They can be found in large settlements, as shown on the maps attached above: one in Blazing Spear, one in Val, and one in Razorback Top.

Once you have earned all the tokens, you should prepare to face Tenakt – use your practice and be ready.

How to defeat Tenakta “Fortress”

When you finally come face-to-face with Tenakt, an ordeal awaits you. Not much harder than the Circle Lords themselves, but it’s a much looser combat that takes place at a fast pace. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing on, you may want to prepare ahead of time. After you talk to them, head to the arena to start the challenge.

This time, the arena is a little bigger and has jugs of smoke. As said, Tenakt is a much faster opponent, so you need to be able to dodge attacks and know your combos. Here are some tips for dealing with Tenakt:

  • Use smoke cans: break them to create an area of ​​smoke for a short time. This will help stop Tenakt’s chain of attacks, and you will seize the moment and carry out several attacks of your own;
  • Use your bow and keep your distance: Tenakt is fast and closes often to unleash multiple chain attacks. So dodge these attacks and use your bow to deal damage. However, Tenakt will then draw a bow and unleash several strong attacks that can stun Aloy, so this strategy is not suitable for the entire fight;
  • Use chain combos, but don’t get greedy: After completing each fight circle, you should be familiar with the combos available to you. Use them to chain attacks and make Tenakt unable to attack. However, if you repeat the same attacks and combos without taking breaks in between, Tenakt can interrupt them and land several attacks until you expect it.

If you follow these tips and practice moderation, the Tenakt fight will be relatively easy. Make sure you are in control of the fight and always know where Tenact is.

What are the rewards for defeating Tenakt?

After you complete all the combat circles and meet with Tenakt, you will receive a permanent increase in damage from the spear. You will also receive some experience and skill points.

After that, you can return at any time and fight Tenakt again. This is very handy if you want to take on a challenge again or practice your skills against a more formidable opponent.

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