All Tarot cards in The Quarry: where to find

Throughout your playthrough of The Quarry, you will be able to find tarot cards that you can turn in to Elise the narrator between chapters. This will allow you to see possible scenarios that can help the heroes of the game survive or die untimely. However, no matter how many cards you find in one chapter, you can only choose one to predict the future.

Tarot cards appear when the camera angle changes suddenly, so it’s easy to tell when you’re near one of them. However, some of them burn out if not picked up fast enough, so take every opportunity to collect tarot cards when they appear.

We have tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible in this guide, but you may be able to understand the plot points based on the information it contains. We recommend that you play through the game on your own first before using this guide to get the missing tarot cards.


The prologue contains one tarot card, which is easy to find almost immediately.


As Laura leaves for the forest, the camera will suddenly pan out after only a few steps. At this time, you can see the Fool and collect it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 has one tarot card, but it’s easy to miss. Be sure to collect it right after entering Jacob’s Lodge so you don’t miss your chance!


After Jacob climbs through the window to enter the Lodge, exit the library into the main room. Immediately turn right and you will see the door to the kitchen (there is a large metal refrigerator inside). The Abstinence card will become visible when Jacob enters the kitchen.

Chapter 2

As in the previous chapter, in the second chapter there is only one tarot card, and it is possible to completely skip the section where it is located. The game forces you to choose between finding the Hanged Man or some clues, so you’ll have to play through the game multiple times to see everything.

hanged man

When Nick and Abigail go for a firewood hike, take the Rocky Road trail to return to the others. The Hanged Man can be found by turning left at the fork in the road.

Chapter 3

In chapter 3, you need to find two tarot cards: one is Abigail, the other is Jacob.


After Abigail leaves the campfire and goes into the woods, note that the camera angle will change shortly after she starts to hear whispers. When the perspective shifts towards Abigail instead of behind her, turn left and follow the indicated path. The tower will become visible when you follow this path.


When Jacob enters the boathouse in search of towels, after one step inside, the Star will appear.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 contains two tarot cards, each found at the start of a character scene. Be sure to collect both of them before heading out as Emma and Dylan.


As soon as you can walk as Emma, ‚Äč‚Äčimmediately turn around and walk towards the end of the pier. There you will find a short scene, after which you can go to the very edge and collect a Tarot card.


After meeting Emma on the island, the game resumes as Dylan. Unlike other tarot cards, Strength appears in the episode. Right before the group opens the door to the Lodge, be ready to press the Interact button to take it.

Chapter 5

Dylan and Ryan can find two tarot cards when they visit the camp houses on their way to the radio room. Collect both before entering the building.

Warning: When you first approach the radio operator’s hut, you can talk to Ryan. He will ask if you are ready to enter. If you haven’t found all the clues and tarot cards yet, be sure to answer no. Talking to Ryan again will immediately end the exploration and move on to the next scene, so don’t talk to him a second time until you’re completely ready.


Look for a swing hanging from a large tree in the center of the hut circle. The devil is between the swings and nearby picnic tables. Stand in the center of the triangle they formed and the map will appear.


Go around the left side of the radio operator’s hut. The hermit is hidden behind the building. You can also find the Claw Marks clue when you pass in front of the radio operator’s hut.

Chapter 6

In chapter 6, Jacob and Abigail have the opportunity to find tarot cards.


After descending the stairs to exit the embankment, Jacob can find Justice on his left. It is located near the stairs, so don’t go ahead until you find it.


While exploring the pool house as Abigail, check the showers. The moon is in the central shower stall in the hallway. Collect it before moving the heater to calm Nick down.

Chapter 7

Laura can find two tarot cards while exploring the police station.


When you can walk around Laura’s cell for the first time, stand in the near left corner, near the grate. The world will be revealed under the bed.


When Laura is able to exit the cell and look around the rest of the building, head to the center of the large office space outside the cell. Between the tables, the camera will move to the ceiling, where you can pick up the Chariot.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8 has four tarot cards to find, and this chapter is equal to chapter 9 in terms of the number of cards.


After Ryan and Laura fall into the abandoned quarry, follow the main path up. Shortly after the scene in which the railing comes off the scaffolding, you will be taken to the next chamber.

Here the path branches off to the left; step onto the extended platform to pick up the Lovers.

Wheel of Fortune

After you remove the planks to clear a path past the cave sign, a Wheel of Fortune will appear to your left as you descend the main tunnel.


After exiting the quarry into the basement of Hackett’s house, immediately turn left to find a side room containing the Empress.


Once you’ve found the Empress, return to the main path and go straight from where you started. The emperor can be found on the right in the direction of travel.

Chapter 9

There are four tarot cards hidden in chapter 9. This is a very intense chapter, so stay calm and be careful while searching!


After meeting up with Constance and the rest of the family at the Hacketts’ house, Ryan will come out of hiding alone. Go to the center of the room to find the “Death” card. Do this first before checking anything else so you don’t accidentally trigger the next scene.


When Laura enters the piano room, the main path will take you up the stairs. Take all the clues you find and when you’re ready, head up the stairs to find a room with large windows.

The sun will be visible when you enter the room. Grab it before you cross to the other side, as it will automatically trigger a cutscene.


At the Junkyard, after opening the gate to the main area, go through the tunnel with the cargo containers in front of you. On the other side, a short cutscene will be shown when the lights turn on. After that, look for the stairs to your left.

Climb the stairs and turn left – when you reach the center of the platform, the Judgment map will appear.


In the storm shelter, return to the stairs leading to the parking lot. The Hierophant will become visible when you approach the stairs.

Note: If you collect the Hierophant, Elise will not allow you to use any of the others found in Chapter 9 to divinate, and will instead trigger a special scene.

Chapter 10

The last tarot card can be collected at the beginning of chapter 10, before the attack on the house.

high priestess

While exploring the house, go up the stairs and go left, above the kitchen. There will be a room with a large carpet and another staircase leading to the third floor. Explore the top floor to find the High Priestess.

Be sure to collect the High Priestess before preparing for the final battle at the portrait of Septimus Hacket.

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