All sacred towers in Elden Ring: where to find

When you start acquiring Greater Runes in Elden Ring, you must reach the respective Sacred Towers if you want to take advantage of them. These runes can be obtained by defeating the main bosses in the game, and each of them gives players different bonuses and effects. However, it’s not enough to just get them by defeating bosses – players need to activate them, equip them, and combine them with runic arcs in Elden Ring to get their effects.

How to activate the Great Runes

The first thing players should do after obtaining the Great Rune is to find the nearest Sacred Tower, which is most likely to be connected to it. The doors to these towers are often closed and can only be entered after the players have obtained the rune. After opening it, players must climb it all the way to the top to activate the Greater Rune by interacting with the broken ring next to the dead Two-Finger.

Once activated, Greater Runes can be equipped by resting in the Place of Grace. Now that they are activated and equipped, players will need to use Runic Arc to trigger their effects in-game. These effects can range from buffs to all stats to health boosts and will last until the character dies in Elden Ring. Runic arcs can be found throughout the Interearth or purchased from merchants such as the Old Twin Handmaids in Round Table Keep.

Where to find each Sacred Tower

Sacred Tower of the Graveyard

To get to the Sacred Tower of the Graveyard, players need to cross the broken bridge leading east from Stormveil Castle. On the bridge, players will encounter three golems, one of which will stand in the back and shoot arrows. Behind it is a teleporter that will lead players across the broken bridge directly to the Sacred Tower. Once there, simply open the door and climb the tower to activate the first Great Rune.

Sacred Tower of the Starry Wastes

To get to this tower, players will have to tinker with the platform a little, as it cannot be reached by normal means. As they get closer, players may notice roots stretching towards the tower, which they will have to use to get to the outside of the building. There are several stairs outside, but finding the right way up should be easy enough if players follow the ones lit by torches. Players must use their Flux mount and buildings to maneuver around the tower to get to the right stairs.

Sacred Tower of East Altus

This tower is the only one in Elden Ring that is used to activate two different Greater Runes – Morgott and Mog. The reason why Mog doesn’t have his own Sacred Tower may be due to the fact that the effects of his Greater Runes are exclusive to the online component of Elden Ring, which reduces his impact on the main game. Getting to this tower is fairly easy: players just need to follow the main road heading east from Leindell.

Sacred Tower of West Altus

The path to this tower is somewhat tricky as players will have to go through a Sealed Tunnel and then through several Illusory Walls. Finding them is not very difficult, as the tunnel is relatively linear, and they are located at the end of each section. In addition, players will need to defeat the Onyx Lord boss, after which they will reach the entrance to the tower deep underground and be able to climb on it to activate the Great Rune.

Isolated holy tower of Malenia

This tower can only be accessed towards the end of Elden Ring, and players will have to go through several teleports to do so. The path to it starts in the south of the grave at the Tower of Return: you need to climb the dilapidated tower and open the chest at the top. This will take the players to Leindell, after which they should move forward and turn left when they see one of the golems to find a teleport that will lead them to the Insulated Sacred Tower, where they can activate Malenia’s Greater Rune.

Sacred Tower of Liurnia

While players will most likely spot this tower early in their journey through Lake Liurnia, they won’t need to approach it anytime soon, as Renalla, the area’s main boss, drops the only Great Rune in Elden Ring that doesn’t need to be activated. Instead, this Sacred Tower is closely tied to Ranny’s quest line and will only be available later in the game after they get the Inverted Carian Statue from it.

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