All red chests in Borderlands 3: where to find

If you’re after the best loot Borderlands 3 has to offer, red chests are a must. These often hard-to-find chests are one of the best ways to get legendary and exotic items for a relatively low cost. There are 57 of them in total, with a different number of them in each location, similar to how they were used in previous Borderlands games.

Some chests require special circumstances to open, others can simply be found by looking into hidden locations, and still others are unlocked through boss battles. Red chests are required for 100% completion of the game and are tracked on the in-game map, so if you are serious about beating the game, you simply need them.

What are red chests?

Red Chests are Loot Chests that can be found throughout the Borderlands 3 game map, just like normal Loot Boxes, only they contain high-level gear. They can be found in the five main zones of the game – Pandora, Prometheus, Athenas, Eden 6 and Necrotafeyo.

It’s worth waiting until you hit level 50 before going out to find all the red chests, as you’re guaranteed to get the best loot this way. However, it’s also worth opening the few chests you get from boss fights so you don’t overwhelm yourself with bad gear.

You can also open each chest multiple times by changing cards and returning the chest, which is a great way to loot gear, especially once you’ve reached max level.

This is one of the few collectibles in Borderlands 3 that does not appear on the in-game map, as it is part of a quest to find them.

Every chest needs to be opened in order to complete the game in 100%, except for two found in The Drought and Athens. Some of them also require side quests to be completed before you can access them.

Red chests of all types can be found throughout the Borderlands 3 map. Each weapon brand has its own unique design, which will become apparent once you get an idea of ​​what each brand looks like.

Red chests in Pandora

There are a total of 18 chests in Pandora, one of which is not required for 100% completion.

  • Droughts 1: Ellie’s garage roof.
  • Droughts 2: Through a trap door in an enemy building.
  • Droughts 3: After completing all the tasks of the side quest “Powerful Connections”, fall through the opened trap door behind the red machine gun. (this is not required to get 100%)
  • Ascension Blade: In a secret stash that is unlocked after completing Pandora’s Next Best Mouthpiece.
  • Devil’s Razor 1: On top of the pipe by the scaffolding.
  • Devil’s Razor 2: On the roof of the building south of Devil’s Razor at the Catch and Ride ride.
  • Splinter Lands 1: On the rooftop of the northern Catch and Ride.
  • Splinter Lands 2: Shoot all the targets while riding the south rollercoaster to open the red chest room.
  • Carnivora 1: Slip under the metal gate in the central building to gain access.
  • Carnivora 2: Through a small passage in the east arena.
  • Guts of Carnivore 1: On the highest platform halfway through the arena.
  • Guts of Carnivore 2: Hidden in a small hallway at the end of the complex.
  • Konrad’s Hold: Hidden in the corridor in the upper east part of the complex.
  • Sandblast Scar: There is a corridor in COV “Advance” that leads to a small warehouse. Find the red chest near the gas tank.
  • Cathedral of the Two Gods 1: In the northern building behind the wooden barricade.
  • Cathedral of Two Gods 2: underground in the tunnel at Drobeklyk.
  • Breaker Rift 1: Inside the vault after finishing the boss fight.
  • Breaker Rift 2: Inside the vault after completing the boss fight.

Red chests in Prometheus

There are 15 chests in total in Prometheus. All of them are required for 100% completion.

  • Outskirts of Meridian: on the upper level of the westernmost platform.
  • Meridian Metroplex 1: At Typhon’s dead end on the upper passage.
  • Meridian Metroplex 2: In a hole in the ground at Catch and Ride to the west.
  • Meridian Metroplex 3: Behind the door after defeating Gigamind.
  • Lectra City 1: At the top of the crane, a magnet transports containers.
  • Lectra City 2: After defeating Killavolt, a door with a chest inside will open for Zed’s medicine.
  • Lectra City 3: On the platform at the corner of the Hill.
  • Skywell-27 1: In Kattagawa’s pleasure pit next to Moxxi’s slots.
  • Skywell-27 2: inside the laser control Room near the exit for fast travel.
  • Atlas Headquarters 1: In Gary’s pit behind a locked door. To unlock, complete the quest “The Showdown”.
  • Atlas Headquarters 2: in the Katagawa Jr. arena.
  • Atlas Headquarters 3: in the Katagawa Jr. arena.
  • Neon Artery: Between Green Diamond Platform and Apollyon Transit Station. Under the ticket sign.
  • Forgotten Basilica 1: in the basement of the Big.
  • Forgotten Basilica 2: in the basement of the Big.

Red chests in Athens

There are two chests in Athenas, one of which is not required for 100% completion.

  • Athenas 1: Eridian writings. (not required to get 100%)
  • Athenas 2: in the Sacred Distillery. Unlock the locked door by completing the “Holy Spirits” side quest.

Red chests in Eden 6

There are 15 red chests in Eden 6, all of which are required for 100% completion of the quest.

  • Flodmoor Pool 1: In Fort Sunshine in the office on the top floor.
  • Flodmoor Pool 2: in Reliance. Examine the garage to the west, which is unlocked after completing Weapons of Hope.
  • Flodmoor Pool 3: in the Chonk Stomp Arena. Unlocked after completing the hunt.
  • Anvil 1: Unlocked after killing Warden. Located in the office behind a locked door.
  • Anvil 2: In the central guard, activate the switch to unlock the locked door.
  • Anvil 3: Defeat the Sky Hooligans to unlock the door, there is a chest inside.
  • Jacob’s Manor 1: in the eastern part of the Impassable Swamp.
  • Jacob’s Manor 2: under Monty’s lair.
  • Gluttonous Canopy 1: North of the science outpost. Look inside the hut after shooting the target to open the door.
  • Gluttonous Canopy 2: Shoot the faucet after you walk through the pipe at the beginning of the arena, the red chest will open in the red room.
  • Ravenous Canopy 3: Defeat VerIVIV to unlock the door and open the red chest.
  • Amber Swamp 1: To the east of Soggibog Rigs, find a gap in the wooden deck.
  • Amber Swamp 2: On the top level of the south building in Teague’s Big Machine.
  • Amber Swamp 3: Head north from Delvin Dock to find a nearby crane. The chest is on top of the containers.
  • Basement “Black Barrel”: on the balcony above the entrance to the Forgotten Halls.

Red chests in Necrotafeyo

There are seven red chests in Necrotafeyo, all of which are required for 100% completion of the quest.

  • Edge of Desolation 1: On the upper platform by the Chancellor’s Throat. Complete side missions “Canonization” and “Bad Vibrations” to gain access.
  • Edge of Desolation 2: In the Twilight Arcade on top of a cliff near the entrance.
  • Land of Desolation 3: Behind a locked door south of Doubt. To gain access, you must defeat the homeopath.
  • Ruins of Tazendir 1: Hidden in the rock at the Last House.
  • Ruins of Tazendir 2: in the arena of Silestro and Atom at the statue.
  • Star Feast 1: in the left cave near the All-Earth. Climb up the square platforms to the hidden room where the chest is.
  • Star Feast 2: Behind the waterfall in the Wet Well.

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