All radio towers in Dying Light 2: where to find

Radio towers are important points of interest in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. They are the ones who will show you where the remaining inhibitors are located in the neighboring areas. Here’s our Dying Light 2 guide to help you figure out radio tower placement and jumping puzzles.

Where to find all radio towers in Dying Light 2

Garrison Boulevard: VNC Tower

The first radio tower you need to complete in Dying Light 2 is the VNC tower in the garrison. This is part of the Broadcast main mission (probably one of the longest in the entire game). From activating the power plant to getting the grappling hook, you have a long way to go.

Eventually, you will reach the outside of the tower, which requires precise movement and grappling to get to the ledges. Once you get to the top, you’ll have to jump from one metal beam to another and go through the gaps to activate the antenna. After an important decision is made on who will control the signal, the inhibitors in the Garrison area will be revealed.

Note 1: The VNC Tower is a great starting point if you want to capture nearby Army Drops. In fact, some airdrops and towers go hand in hand since they are close to each other. However, I would advise to completely improve the paraglider. It ensures that you can cover long distances or reach new heights with ease.

Note 2: All radio towers in Dying Light 2 have a night runner hideout nearby. It becomes a spawn point in case you fall down.

Pier: Northern radio tower

This place is probably not to be preferred if you’re just free-swimming. You will automatically visit this location as part of the Night Runners main quest. To get from one rotating slab/beam to another, you will need a grappling hook and athleticism.

Houndfield: Saint Joseph Medical Radio Relay Station

Visit this attraction and check the rooftops for a military balloon. You can either climb the yellow beams until you get there, or swing with the grappling hook. At the station itself, you will see rotating blocks that you can grab onto to jump over to other objects.

Downtown: Historic Communications Tower

First, find the lift pulley that will take you to the veranda. There is a wooden ramp here that looks inconspicuous. You need to take a leap of faith and use a paraglider. A gust of air will take you to another building, where the military airbase is located. From there, just fly to get to the roof with the radars.

Lower Dam Air: South Radio Tower

You should see this tower behind the building with the military airfield. If you’ve completed these tasks in order, then you know what to expect.

Newfound Lost Lands: Military Relay

Newfound Lost Lands is the southernmost area in Dying Light 2 that contains a radio tower. It’s off the beaten track and you’ll only go there if you want to discover the sunken cargo. As for the object itself, you will find it on the west coast. There are quite a lot of undead here, so be careful.

In my case, I just used my paraglider to get airborne. I was able to get to the metal walkways, which allowed me access to the stairs in case I had to redo everything. Again, if you have reached a higher jump point, an upgraded paraglider will allow you to increase your altitude and gain a burst of speed. This can trivialize the actual mechanics of these jump/parkour puzzles.

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