All passwords for electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you will come across several chests from which you will receive various resources and materials as a reward. Most chests can be opened directly, but some are hidden behind electronic locks that require special passwords to unlock. This guide lists all the passwords needed to unlock the electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy.

There are currently 10 electronic locks in Tower of Fantasy. You can find the password, location and coordinates of each lock in the table below.


Banges Shelter Electronic Lock
85.0, 967.2

Navia Truck Electronic Lock
-537.1, -449.9

Under Cetus Island Electronic Lock
-638.5, -847.2

Miner’s Camp Electronic Lock
-376.3, -245.5

Crescent Shore Electronic Lock
-779.0, -644.2

Seaforth Dock Electronic Lock
-508.1, -767.5

Lumina Electronic Lock
-736.7, -851.5

Aarniel Fortress
380.7, -832.5

Warren Snowfield
651.1, -1242.8

Raincaller Island Tower
-757.8, -569.9

While the game gives you hints so you can figure out the passwords yourself, it can take a long time. Therefore, you can simply refer to the table and get rewarded as quickly as possible.

Potential rewards you can earn by unlocking these electronic locks include Type 1 and Type 2 Supply Pods. You can also get up to 3 Gold Cores, which are a coveted resource in the game.

Since the game is quite new, it is quite possible that new electronic locks will appear in it later. Therefore, we will update the guide with new locks and passwords as soon as they appear in the game.

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