All notes in Stray: where to find

Stray has several optional side quests. Typically, this is a hunt for collectibles, and for the most part they are quite simple. Even in the largest districts, it’s not hard to stumble upon a collectible or two if you follow the beaten path.

The first type of collectible you are most likely to stumble upon is the humble music sheet. It serves as a gentle introduction to the game’s exploration mechanics, and if you want to find all these items, you’ll have to search for them for a long time. Of course, there’s a reward for your hard work, and what’s more, there are even a few side quests you can find as you dig through this list.

Where to find all sheet music

Start the Musical Notes quest

If you want to start the Musical Notes quest, all you have to do is find a sad robot that has a guitar – but no music to play. You can find it almost immediately when you start entering the slums – after meeting with the Guardian.

From the square, just go left (in the opposite direction from Barterman). You will see Morosk sitting on cushions and holding a guitar. Talk to him and you’re done.

Note: you can technically get all the musical notes BEFORE talking to him, if you want.

Note #1

The first musical note can be found by simply completing the main story while in the slums. Your first objective is to head to Momo’s apartment. The note is in the closet. You can squeeze through the metal bars in the doors to gain access.

Note #2

You’ll want to go back to this item, as it’s very easy to pick up after picking up a few others – Musical Note #6 in particular. After leaving Clementine’s house, jump onto the pipe to the left of the window and climb onto the balcony. On the table you will find a note.

Note #3

This note can be found by going to Elliot. Finding it is incredibly easy. Find one of the many street signs and follow the arrow with the binary code written on it. You will eventually find a door that also has a binary code written on it. Scratch the door to open it and you’ll find a Musical Note attached to a large robot painting right in front of you.

Note #4

The fourth musical note can be bought from Barterman. All he needs is one can of energy drink, which can be found in the vending machine opposite the Music Robot. Take it to Barterman to collect your note.

Note #5

In the only bar in the Slums (which you will pass by on your way to Elliott) you will find the fifth note. Enter the bar, go upstairs and you will find a note on the second table.

Note #6

When completing the main task, you will have to look for various magazines. This will take you to several apartments, one of which will be Clementine’s apartment. The musical note can be found in Clementine’s apartment on a shelf near her bed.

Note #7

When you enter the library, you will find him lying on a piano. Pick it up and you’ll be one step closer to completing the quest.

Note #8

The last musical note is the hardest to unlock as it has its own little side quest. To do this, you will need to open a safe located near the place where you started this quest. We have written a separate guide on how to open it and you can find it here.

What to do after collecting all notes

Once you have all eight musical notes, simply take them back to the guitar robot and pass them one by one. He will play you a song on each sheet returned. When you have listened to all eight songs (it will take a few minutes), he will give you a “Music Badge”.

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