All National “A” Licenses in Gran Turismo 7: How to Get

There are five licenses available in Gran Turismo 7, including the National A License. To obtain the National A License, 10 challenges must be completed. Each challenge is a lesson that teaches players some of the basics of racing and how to approach the various tracks. National License A missions can be accessed by visiting the License Center on the world map.

How to get every National “A” license in GT7

There are three levels of rewards for completing each National License A task. Depending on how fast the track is completed, players can get bronze, silver or gold. Each tier rewards players with a different amount of credits that can be used for in-app purchases. Passing the National License A is also required to level up and unlock other areas of the game.

Trials in the National License A group are mainly about corners and how to corner with different cars in Gran Turismo 7. Players will need to learn how to corner sequentially and complete courses on different tracks, such as wet or dirt roads. It may not be easy to complete all tasks for the National License A and earn gold, but for this players will earn a lot of credits and unlock several cars.

Challenge #1: Rookie 1

In the first National License A challenge, players will learn the basics of out-in-out, a concept used in cornering. Players should ideally start on the outside, transition to the inside at the corner of the turn, and then return to the outside when exiting the turn. The best way to solve this problem is to pick up speed before the turn, but not so much that you have to apply too much brakes. Gran Turismo 7 players will use a Subaru BRZ STI Sport ’18 for this challenge.

  • Gold: 17.500
  • Silver: 18.000
  • Bronze: 19,300

Challenge #2: Rookie 2

The second test builds on the first and includes two turns that can be completed using the “inside out” method. The track has two 90-degree turns to be passed, so entering a turn too quickly will result in severe deceleration or may send the player off the track. Slowing down a little before entering a corner will help stabilize the car and make it easier to get through the corner before accelerating to the finish line. The second test is performed on a VW Scirocco R ’10.

  • Gold: 18.100
  • Silver: 18.600
  • Bronze: 19,600

Challenge #3: Rookie 3

Using an Abarth 500 ’09, players need to drive around the track through two different out-in-out corners. The corners are at different angles, so players will need to adjust their speed accordingly in Gran Turismo 7. The second corner is sharper and will need to be approached a little slower than the first. If the players watch their speed, this challenge will be easy.

  • Gold: 22.300
  • Silver: 22.900
  • Bronze: 24,500

Challenge #4: City Tracks 1

As the name suggests, the fourth National A license test in Gran Turismo 7 will take place on an urban track in a busy city. On both sides of the track there are walls, collision with which is a condition of failure. The key to passing the challenge is to drive as close to the walls as possible while maintaining control in order to quickly reach the end of the track. The fourth test can be completed on a ’98 Honda Civic Type R (EK).

  • Gold: 29.800
  • Silver: 30.800
  • Bronze: 33,000

Challenge #5: Wet Cornering – Beginner

In Gran Turismo 7, players will drive a Nissan 180SX Type X ’96 to navigate a corner in the wet. This challenge will teach players about wet driving and the idea of ​​braking earlier to get through tight corners. Slowing down before the first corner will help control the car and pass through other corners without wasting time and getting off the track. The challenge gives players a decent amount of time to get to the finish line, so it’s best not to rush through the tight turns.

  • Gold: 30.500
  • Silver: 31.500
  • Bronze: 33,900

Challenge #6: Consecutive Turns – Novice 1

In the Alfa Romeo 4 °C ’14, players will need to complete two consecutive corners without losing speed or control until they reach the end of the track. To quickly pass the test, it is best to use the out-in-out method or just keep to the right side of the track. Maintaining speed and good cornering control will help you complete Trial #6 for a National A license.

  • Gold: 18.700
  • Silver: 19.400
  • Bronze: 20,800

Challenge #7: Sequential Turns – Novice 2

Challenge #7 for National License A in Gran Turismo 7 builds on the previous challenge. The track is a bit longer and the turns in Trial #7 are a bit tighter than Trial #6. It is recommended to slow down a bit on successive corners, but then players can speed up even more on the last corner of the track. This task is solved on the car BMW M3 ’03.

  • Gold: 26.000
  • Silver: 26.700
  • Bronze: 28,500

Challenge #8: Mud Riding – Beginner

The task of Dirt Driving is to learn how to drive on different surfaces of the track. Although this Gran Turismo 7 track is different, the same basic principles can be applied. On a dirt track, it’s important to maintain good control and steering early on, and to use the corner and brake when necessary. Players should start driving the truck just before entering a corner to balance the effect of the terrain. In this challenge, players will use the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

  • Gold: 19.500
  • Silver: 20.100
  • Bronze: 21,800

Challenge #9: Hairpins

Using the Honda NSX Type R, players need to go through a hairpin, which is easiest to do by slowing down as they enter the corner and speeding up once the car is in front of the exit. Slowing down when entering a turn is the most important part, as approaching it too fast will require the player to make a lot of adjustments that can take too long. This tough challenge doesn’t leave much room for error between gold and bronze, so timing and optimal speed will be the key to completing it.

  • Gold: 17.100
  • Silver: 17.600
  • Bronze: 18.00

Challenge #10: Race Track Basics

The last test is performed on a Toyota Supra RZ. Since this is the last test before the National A license is awarded, it is a test that combines most of the previous tests into one course. At the beginning there are successive turns, and at the end of the track there is a hairpin. Using the skills gained in previous challenges, players will be able to easily complete this track.

  • Gold: 29.000
  • Silver: 29.800
  • Bronze: 31,800

National ‘A’ License Rewards in Gran Turismo 7

For each challenge passed, players receive credits, regardless of whether they are bronze, silver, or gold. For getting gold in each National License A mission, players will receive two new cars. The VW Scirocco R ’10 is awarded to players for obtaining this license with any combination of Bronze, Silver or Gold achievements. The Subaru BRZ STI Sport ’18, however, will only unlock if players earn gold in each challenge. Once the National License A is unlocked in Gran Turismo 7, there are three more licenses that must be completed in order to receive rewards and credits.

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