All Luxurious World of Light Core Chests in Genshin Impact: Where to Find

Bokuso Art is an upgrade for the Bokuso box in Genshin Impact. They will buff your entire party during Encanomia’s Three Worlds Gate Tribute event and as long as you have this box. Here is our guide to help you get these benefits by opening deluxe chests and collecting cores of the world of light.

Luxurious chests and cores of the world of light

In Genshin Impact, there are six arts of Bokuso, which means six cores of the world of light in deluxe chests. Before we discuss where to find them, let’s talk about the benefits. They can be opened in any order, although I have a few recommendations based on experience and character composition.

Name Effect Blessing of the turtle Protection by 30% and maximum health by 20%. Lunar Magic Elemental explosion damage is increased by 25%. Whaler’s Blessing Basic, charged, and falling attack damage for heroes using one-handed, two-handed, or polearms is increased by 30%. Blessing of the Enchanted Bow Normal attack damage when using ranged weapons or catalysts is increased by 15%. Conduit’s Grace Reactions Charged, Superconductor, Overload, and Electro Dispel launched by party members deal 100% more damage. Endless Run Reduces stamina consumption by 15% and increases stamina regeneration by 20%.

In any case, we will discuss the location of the luxury chests so that we can start collecting the cores of the world of light.


Let’s talk about the cores of the world of light, found in luxurious chests in Tesnin.

Electro totems

There are several luxurious chests in this sector. The first is located west of the teleporter. You should see a ring of stones with some Electro totems. An Electro Fairy also hovers above him, and he moves quickly. Go ahead and destroy the totems in the order shown in the picture below. When everything is done, activate the summon marker and defeat the Void Mages and Lavachurl with the stone shield.

fairy barrier

The Fairy Barrier can be found south of this area. In the image below you can see one of the Fairies on the tree. The second one is on the plateau next to the barrier, but I marked it before I could take the picture.

The third Fairy can be found if you go to the ruins of the bridge in the south (the one that leads to the entrance/chasm of Enkanomiya). There is a mini-portal here that turns you into a fireball. Just jump onto the platforms and slide until you reach it. You can then follow it back to the pedestal. Once all three points are set, go ahead and defeat your enemies.

Temple of Eternal Night

Let’s talk about the cores of the world of light, found in luxurious chests in the Temple of Eternal Night.

Caged Ruin Thresher

You will find the Ruin Thresher in a cage south of the fast travel point. The switch is not yet available because we still need to interact with the four Electro totems surrounding it:

  • Electro Totem #1: Activate the summon marker and destroy the barrels;
  • Electro Totem #2: Defeat the Guardians of the Ruins below;
  • Electro Totem #3: Go down the sloping path and defeat the Helihurls;
  • Electro Totem #4: Located behind the prison tower and guarded by a pair of Ruin Guardians.

Once you have destroyed all three Electro Totems, you can flip the switch to release the Ruin Grader.

Destroy it and examine the three chests in the chamber. One of them is a luxurious chest.

fairy barrier

The Fairy Barrier in the Temple of Eternal Night is located west of the fast travel point and the tower portal. The Three Fairies can be found in the following locations:

  • The first fairy is further down the sloping path;
  • The second fairy is on the other side of the water.
  • The third fairy is nearby, which can be freed by breaking some rock formations.

Activate the summon marker when you’re ready and destroy three Vishaps of the Deep to get your treasures.

Serpent’s heart

Let’s talk about the world of light cores found in luxury chests in the Serpent’s Heart.

fairy barrier

The Fairy Barrier in Serpent’s Heart is further south on separate lands. On the way there, you can solve the only Guiding Light puzzle. You won’t want to make a separate trip just for this, as this place is off the beaten track.

Fairy can be found in the following locations:

  • Go south and look at the rocks;
  • On a hill with two spectral samurai. To free them, you need to hit the vines with a Pyro attack.

When you’re ready, start the fight with the challenge marker and defeat your opponents. That’s it for the deluxe chests you can find during the general scouting in the Gates of the Three Worlds Offering event. Don’t forget that the last one is directly related to the Bunkoku Puzzle Side Quest, so be sure to complete that as well.

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