All Longnecks in Horizon: Forbidden West: how to open the map

This guide to Horizon: Forbidden West will help you find every Mega Mech and tell you what to do with the Longshanks that are probably driving you crazy. Each Longshanks reveals a portion of the map, and each contains data on the terrain around it, revealing all sorts of targets and areas within. By finding each Longneck, players will unlock the entire map and all the locations on it, making these special vehicles a real priority for anyone looking to find their way. However, they all require solving puzzles or testing skills, which is why we’ve put together this page for you with all of the puzzle-solving guides and locations for Longnecks in Horizon: Forbidden West.

Where to find all Longnecks in Horizon: Forbidden West

There are six Longnecks in total in Horizon: Forbidden West, although at first glance you might think that there are only five of them. Longnecks make themselves very clear from the very beginning, appearing on the map in the form of small stylized icons (white flat-headed quadrupeds with prominent ridges along the back, visually something between a brachiosaurus and a Gigerian Alien).

You won’t have to search for them manually or go scouting to get them marked on the map, their location will be listed by default so you can go and find them. We’ve unlocked each one on the map above, but below you’ll find all the specific guides on how to specifically climb, access, and overcome each Longshanks to unlock the map around it.

Tallnecks: Scarlet Sands

One of the first Longnecks in Horizon: Forbidden West that you are likely to encounter will circle around a damaged satellite dish, although the dish itself is not positioned to allow you to jump onto the car’s neck or head. This can be fixed, but this will require you to understand some of the special mechanics of Horizon: Forbidden West that you may not have encountered before.

  • Under the satellite dish, you will see a generator with a battery icon, which requires an energy cell to run;
  • Shoot the ladder on the north side of the Companion to knock it off and head upstairs. Go right past the inactive console and jump over it to the stairs, going up further;
  • This will lead you to a wide platform with another set of stairs on the south side. Climb down it, but instead of falling from the end, jump over to the rise point on the right side and make your way to the device, which contains another battery hologram;
  • Interact with the device to remove the battery. Carry it and drop down to ground level, then use it on the generator to power the dish;
  • Climb back up to the console and use it to make the plate turn and partially flatten. Now turn from the console not to the right, but to the left, jump over the gap and again climb the stairs to the central platform;
  • The dish is stuck, so use focus to find two glowing power cables and destroy them with arrows to make the dish level;
  • Aloy can now climb the ladder onto the center support of the dish. Approach one of the edges of the plate, then jump and slide towards Longneck’s head when he’s close enough.

Tallnecks: The Shining Wastes – how to bypass the lock

This Longshanks and how to overcome it will probably bother you for most of the game. It is marked with a padlock, and whenever you try to approach it, Aloy will simply state that he cannot climb on it. In order not to spoil anything, just accept it and move on. This particular Longshanks is linked to a late-stage mission, so it won’t be possible to climb it until the story allows. This won’t happen until you unlock the Wing of Ten mission, at which point the car will be canceled as part of that mission.

Tallnecks: Standing Sands

This Longshanks is damaged, and examination of documents in the area has shown that some locals attempted to destroy it with ballistas, but were attacked by machines sent to protect against such interference. However, although their attempt was unsuccessful, the plan itself is quite sound. If you want to hack this machine first, follow the steps below. However, you can skip all of the steps below if you wait until the end of the Wing of Ten mission. If you have the patience, then Longneck’s method of reprogramming will be much, much easier after that.

  • Clear the area of ​​cars. There will be more of them later, but you want to cut them down now before they become overwhelming;
  • Use focus to scan Longneck and identify weak spots. These are pretty obvious glowing blue areas on the neck, torso, and legs, but make sure you know them all so you know what’s next;
  • Find ballistas. There are at least four of them, located on Longneck’s path;
  • Use the ballista and shoot one of the faint glowing dots to attach a large anchor to it. Your goal is to use each ballista to anchor at each weak point;
  • Every successful shot will call in vehicles to protect Longneck, so either sneak through with the smoke bombs carefully, or just try to deal with a new wave of vehicles each time you move on to a new ballista;
  • Once you’ve hammered anchors into all the weak spots, Tallneck will trip and fall, so jump on his head and flip him over.

Tallnecks: Iota’s Cauldron

The fourth Longshanks is hidden inside Iota’s cauldron. Go through the cauldron to get to its core. Here you will find that Tallneck is stuck. You’ll have to get past the core, but the platform that normally allows you to get out of the cauldron is blocked by Longneck.

Next, you will have to go further into the cauldron to find Longneck’s disc-shaped head. Then return on the head back until it is reunited with the body. At this point, you will simply be standing on top of the finished Longneck as it is lifted into the Forbidden West. Turn on dramatic music and very beautiful panoramic shots.

Tallnecks: Guardian Forest

This Tallman revolves around an abandoned settlement of interconnected treehouses now inhabited by ferocious machines. To get to its top, you need to solve a serious puzzle: many of the neck protrusions that Longnecks usually have are broken off, which means that on the first jump you need to get to the very top of his head. Once you reach the lowest, you won’t be able to reach the higher ones – at least not directly. It’s a little tricky, but we’ve explained it clearly and concisely below – just remember that whenever you’re not sure what to do, look for higher ground.

  • Go around the machines at ground level or kill them – we recommend the latter, otherwise you will still have to deal with them;
  • Head to the southwest corner of the settlement where there is a ramp leading to a capture point that will take you to the treehouses;
  • Follow the path north, then left. There will be a ladder that you need to go down;
  • Jump over the ladder and slide down it – you won’t be able to reach the platform itself, but the trunk supporting it has a network of climbing points you can grab onto. Climb over them and climb up;
  • Lower the ladder to the north side in case of a fall, and then wait for Tallneck to look through the gap to his left. When he does, jump onto his neck, wait for him to walk forward a bit, and then jump back onto the platform on the other side of his path (Aloy will even thank him for the ride);
  • Head east along the platform after knocking down another ladder, then jump over the log and climb up the ropes to climb over;
  • From here, slide or grapple down to the large treehouse complex to the south. Be careful – there are machines here that cause great fire damage;
  • Deal with the machines and go to the western part of the tree houses, where there will be a ladder that you can climb down. Climb up;
  • Take the zipline south, then climb the tree you’re on to the highest point;
  • Three platforms are located next to each other, each with ramps that you can use to jump over to Longneck as he passes by. It’s not easy, but a well-timed jump will allow Aloy to grab onto the ridge on the side of his head, eventually pulling herself up to the top and over it.

Tallnecks: Wharf

When you get to the Quay, you’ll find a partially submerged Longboat in the sea, just off the coast. This is one of the longest options, as you first need to find a few parts to repair it, and then find a place where you can jump on its head when it starts moving. Here’s how to do it.

  • Swim up to Longneck and inspect it, which will prompt you to go underwater and check for damage. There are two empty nests on both sides;
  • Now you need to get parts from the mulled nests marked on the map;
  • In the first place, push the box into the water and use the pulcaster to drag it to the stairs, which you can go down to get to the nest;
  • A rope from this roof will lead you to the second nest;
  • You will have to swim to the last spot, where you can either go inside the building to find a catapult that will take you to the roof, or find a pile of debris on the side where you can jump;
  • Once you have all the parts, return to Longneck and go underwater to install them;
  • Once Tallneck is repaired, he will start patrolling around the three partially flooded buildings. There’s no obvious way to climb them from the outside, so explore underwater where you’ll find a passage inside one of the buildings where a ladder leads up to the roof. From there, jump onto one of Longneck’s shoulder blades as he passes by and climb up.

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