All kinds of infected in Dying Light 2: how to defeat each

Although there are human enemies in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, you will mainly deal with hordes of the infected. These zombies are all over the city and become much more active at night. In addition to the typical Peddlers and Virals, you will sometimes encounter special types of infected.

All kinds of zombies in Dying Light 2

These special infected were created on January 6, 2025 during an event known as “Black Monday” when tons of chemical bombs fell on the city. The idea was to use THV-GenMod (a chemical compound that accelerates the breakdown of the infected’s DNA and causes them to die) to bombard the city and get rid of the infected once and for all. However, everything did not go according to plan. The bombs killed hundreds of people, and the infected mutated into special types. This guide describes all types of infected found in Dying light 2 and how to deal with them.

Virals (regular zombies)

Virals are a fairly common type of infected in the game. They have only recently evolved, and as such, Virals are relatively fast and can climb buildings with ease.

Virals sometimes perform power attacks that cause them to lunge at you, causing you to fall to the ground; it’s best to avoid them. You can also simply attack them with the various weapons available in the game.


Along with the Virals, the Pedlars are the most common type of infected found in the game. These guys have been infected for a long time, their bodies are rotting, and they move very slowly, so dealing with them is quite simple. A couple of quick attacks or dropping them from rooftops is enough. The only moment when a biter is a real threat is when you stumble upon their group.

Another good way to deal with biters is to sneak past them when they are sleeping and kill them on the sly. Some Pedlars are poisonous, meaning they form a cloud of green gas around them that deals poison damage to the player.


Like most types of infected, these guys appear at night. They are easy to spot because their chests glow and they have a special icon above their head. The howler monkeys do not immediately attack you, but they emit a high frequency scream that alerts nearby infected, and the first level chase begins.

To deal with them, either move fast, use stealth to avoid detection, or kill them first with ranged weapons.


Runners are incredibly fast, do not attack the player and run away at the sight of him. You can spot bolters easily because they have glowing body parts and leave glowing trails behind them.

You don’t have to deal with bolters if you don’t want to, but they usually have high level loot if you manage to kill one of them.


Witches were once human women, as evidenced by the dresses and jewelry that can be seen on them. Not only that, their hands turned into deadly claws.

Witches are incredibly agile and acrobatic, able to jump very high in seconds, giving the impression that they are flying. They attack by lunging at the player and can even climb onto other zombies to use them as springboards. The best way to deal with them is to dodge their attacks and then hit them when they are on cooldown.


Toads are a special kind of Infected that are capable of spitting yellow, acidic phlegm from their chests, robbing you of massive chunks of health.

They are deadly from afar, but try to get close to them to kill them with melee attacks.


These zombies look and sound silly, but they are incredibly dangerous. Bombardiers are Infected that explode near the player and deal a lot of damage. To deal with bombers, keep them close to you and attack them with long-range weapons, as they explode on contact.


Brutes are the big boys in Dying Light 2, these Infected are massive and will hit you with a large hammer that is attached to one of their arms. A goon strike can easily take a huge amount of health from you and knock you back. Fortunately, the goons are very slow, so you can lure them in one direction and then run away in the opposite direction.


Threshers are without a doubt the deadliest infected in the game. They are even considered predators among the infected. These zombies have a special structure, incredible speed and strength, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

The best way to deal with Threshers is not to deal with them at all. When you see one (or three), avoid them and sneak past them using stealth. If you have to fight the volatiles, use the ultraviolet flashlight to weaken them and get close.


These are the most unique-looking infected in the game; they have something resembling petrified wings growing on their backs. This type of infected is slow, but can empower surrounding zombies, creating a toxic mist that can harm the player as well. They are also capable of summoning infected, most likely biters.

You can meet these creatures in the places of the VGM anomalies. To deal with them, first deal with the infected they summon, and then dodge the phlegm they will shoot at you. If you have one, use the ultraviolet flashlight to weaken them and get close so you can attack.

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