All international “B” licenses in Gran Turismo 7: how to get

The International “B” license in Gran Turismo 7 consists of 10 missions, and earning gold on each of them can be tricky. Licenses are required to progress through Gran Turismo 7, but players also need to earn gold on each of them to earn additional rewards. Any content locked behind a license will be available immediately after the completion of the trials, even if only bronze is obtained on each track.

How to get every International “B” license in GT7

The licenses include assignments that teach you the best driving practices for different scenarios. The International B License is based on the lessons learned in the National A License in Gran Turismo 7. Players will need to drive on various terrains, learn how to navigate certain types of corners, and test their skills in a final exam that combines the first nine challenges. Each track will have a specific vehicle that must be used to pass the challenge.

There will be three levels for each course in the International License B course. Players can receive bronze, silver or gold, which is determined by the time spent on completing the task. Achieving the gold level on each track will allow players to get a large number of credits, as well as an additional car after obtaining a license. While getting gold for every challenge in the International B License can be tricky, the rewards are well worth it.

Challenge #1: Intermediate Stage 1

The first challenge to earn an International B license in Gran Turismo 7 involves driving through a long corner and finding the most efficient race track. When going through a long corner, it’s best to keep your car in Gran Turismo 7 on the inside of the track. To earn gold, players need to maintain speed throughout the turn. Too much deceleration or acceleration will result in a delay at the finish line. The task is carried out in a Corvette C7 ’14.

  • Gold: 17.600
  • Silver: 18.100
  • Bronze: 19,400

Challenge #2: Intermediate Stage 2

To complete the IB-2: Intermediate 2 race track, players will need to connect the tops of two consecutive turns following the fast straight. Players will need to slow down when approaching the first turn and speed up once the car is in front of the second straight. Speed ​​control and apex grip will help Gran Turismo 7 players earn gold in this challenge, which is played in a Ferrari F 430 ’06.

  • Gold: 15.300
  • Silver: 15.800
  • Bronze: 17,000

Challenge #3: High Speed ​​Turns

Using the Lexus RC F ’14, players should try to get through high-speed corners, making fine adjustments to the throttle to maintain stability throughout the turn. Even though this lesson focuses on high-speed corners, players are given some time to decelerate in tighter corners. Upon entering the first turn, players should immediately start adjusting their speed. After passing the last corner, players must continue to increase their speed until they reach the end of the track.

  • Gold: 37.800
  • Silver: 39.100
  • Bronze: 42,100

Challenge #4: City Circuit 2

Urban tracks in Gran Turismo 7 have walls, and if players crash into them during an International B license competition, it will automatically fail. Players will need to stay as close to the wall as possible without hitting it, and try to adjust their racing line to stay on top of each corner. The Urban Tracks 2 International License B challenge will be completed on a Nissan R34 GT-R V spec II Nür ’02.

  • Gold: 31.200
  • Silver: 32.000
  • Bronze: 34,700

Challenge #5: Riding in the Mud

In the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V GSR ’96, players will drive through a dirt track to learn more about racing on various surfaces. Like many other assignments in the International B License, this lesson builds on the previous set of licenses. Dirt turns can be tricky to master, so players should taxi well in advance before entering a turn. It’s also important to keep an eye on the speed and angle at which Gran Turismo 7 players enter a turn, and if the angle is off, steering in the other direction can correct the situation.

  • Gold: 34.800
  • Silver: 35.800
  • Bronze: 38,500

Challenge #6: Wet Cornering

As the name implies, the sixth test in the category B international driving course involves driving on a wet track. Apart from the final exam, this track has the highest time limit, so it is one of the longest tracks. Accelerating too fast will cause the BMW M3 Sport Evolution ’89 to skid, so throttle control is key. Good control of this Gran Turismo 7 car as well as constant acceleration will help players earn gold on this track. Even though the track is longer, players can drive a little slower and stay on the inside of the track during turns.

  • Gold: 39.300
  • Silver: 40.500
  • Bronze: 43,900

Challenge #7: Intermediate Stage 3

In a Porsche Taycan Turbo S ’19, players will race through a race track focused on corner exit speed. The last corner leads to a long straight, so speeding up as soon as the car is in front of the exit in Gran Turismo 7 will make it easier to get the gold. As with most turns, players must approach each turn using the exit-exit method learned in previous licensed trials. Speeding up at the end of each turn is the key to getting gold in this challenge.

  • Gold: 28.000
  • Silver: 28.800
  • Bronze: 30,800

Challenge #8: Sequential Turns

In the eighth challenge of the International License B, players need to find the optimal racing line through successive corners. Trajectory optimization for each of the four straight turns is required to get gold in the IB-8 lesson. Finding a smooth route through all four corners involves moving between the outer and inner sides of the track. This task is carried out in a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S ’15.

  • Gold: 20.000
  • Silver: 20.600
  • Bronze: 22,200

Challenge #9: Altitude Turns

Adjusting to different heights can be tricky, especially when going through tight corners. In Gran Turismo 7, climbs are difficult to accelerate, and descents are easy to roll over if you enter them at too high a speed. The turn on the uphill is the first turn, so players can start by accelerating and then slowing down at the exit of the first turn when climbing the downhill section. Once at the bottom of the hill, players can accelerate to reach the end of the track in the BMW 3.0 CSL ’73.

  • Gold: 18.900
  • Silver: 19.400
  • Bronze: 21,200

Challenge #10: Race Track

The final exam in the International B License course is a combination of the previous lessons and is conducted on a Nissan R32 GT-R V spec II ’94. Final exam turns are tests of both speed and handling. This Gran Turismo 7 race track has several different types of corners, including sequential corners and a downhill section. The downhill turn is at the end of the track, so players need to watch their speed as they enter the last corner and accelerate as they enter the straight. Earning gold can be tricky, so players should keep all the previous lessons in mind and find the optimal race line for this circuit.

  • Gold: 42.000
  • Silver: 43.200
  • Bronze: 46,500

International ‘B’ License Rewards in Gran Turismo 7

For each level of completion of the course “International License B” credits are awarded. By earning gold, players will earn all three currency rewards in Gran Turismo 7. Once the International B License is completed, players will unlock a new car, the Toyota GR Supra Race Car ’19. In addition, a second vehicle, the Porsche Taycan Turbo S ’19, will be awarded for earning gold in each challenge. After obtaining the International B License in Gran Turismo 7, there are two licenses left to unlock.

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