All international “A” licenses in Gran Turismo 7: how to get

In order to level up and unlock certain areas in Gran Turismo 7, players will need to complete license challenges, including 10 tracks for the International A License. There are five licenses in total in Gran Turismo 7, with the International A License being the penultimate one. The tasks for this license are more difficult than the previous ones, and they are based on previous lessons.

How to Get Every International “A” License in GT7

Licensed Missions in Gran Turismo 7 are used to educate players on best racing practices. Each of the five licenses covers different scenarios, including driving on dirt tracks and approaching sequential corners. The licenses look at the entry and exit speeds of various corners, as well as the best and worst moments for acceleration. Completing Licensed Missions is necessary to progress, but they are also a useful tool for improving races.

The 10 tasks you need to pass to get an international A license are more difficult than the previous lessons. On each track, players can earn bronze, silver, or gold depending on how quickly they can complete the challenge. Collision with walls or going off the track will result in an automatic failure and the test will have to be restarted. The international A license in Gran Turismo 7 is not easy to obtain, but there are valuable rewards for obtaining it.

Challenge #1: Expert

While Gran Turismo 7 is a game about speed, this particular lesson is all about slowing down. Braking into corners gives players more control over the car and makes it easier to grab onto the apex. Using the exit-exit method for each corner and applying the brakes before exiting the second corner will help players earn gold on this track. This task is performed in an Aston Martin DB11 ’16.

  • Gold: 18.000
  • Silver: 18.500
  • Bronze: 19,900

Challenge #2: Turns – Expert 1

Using the Lamborghini Diablo GT ’00, players will need to drive through a series of curves following a straight line. It’s easy to get up to speed on the straight at the start of the track, but players need to start braking earlier to enter the 90-degree turn. It’s also important that Gran Turismo 7 players don’t over-accelerate into the next corners until they reach the exit of the last one. Once the car is correctly oriented to the finish line, players must increase their speed in order to pass this test.

  • Gold: 25.400
  • Silver: 26.200
  • Bronze: 28,300

Challenge #3: Mud Riding – Expert

The dirt track has several jumps and turns, and players will use a Group B Ford Focus rally car to complete it. It is very easy to roll over or slip on the dirt track, so maintaining control without losing speed is the key to getting gold. There’s a jump at the start of the track and another just before the finish line, so players need to make sure the Gran Turismo 7 car can handle both.

  • Gold: 34.200
  • Silver: 35.500
  • Bronze: 38,400

Challenge #4: Turns – Expert 2

This task expands on the previous round-trip task and is completed in a Ferrari Testarossa ’91. Earning gold in the IA-4 challenge means focusing on stability using good acceleration and deceleration control. It is also important to monitor the orientation of the car. Players have a decent amount of time to complete this task, so if necessary, the car can go a little slower around corners.

  • Gold: 34.700
  • Silver: 35.700
  • Bronze: 38,100

Challenge #5: Turns – Expert 3

The fifth International License A Challenge in Gran Turismo 7 is similar to the previous one, but is completed at a much faster pace. Players still need to focus on keeping the car stable and keeping their speed in tight corners. This challenge is running a ’92 Nissan R92CP, so there’s plenty of room to work, but going into corners too fast will likely result in the player going off the track. Instead, to earn gold, you need to achieve a balance between braking and accelerating.

  • Gold: 28.200
  • Silver: 29.300
  • Bronze: 31,700

Challenge #6: Altitude Turns 2

Challenge #6 – Complete corners at various heights in a Dodge Viper GTS ’02. The track begins with a steady climb uphill, which leads to a sharp fall and continues downhill until the finish line. Slowing down at the top of the hill after the start will help control the Gran Turismo 7 car as players begin their descent. However, braking too early can cause unnecessary slowdown while players are still driving up the hill. Time and speed control is very important to get gold in the sixth trial.

  • Gold: 20.400
  • Silver: 21.000
  • Bronze: 22,400

Challenge #7: Wet Cornering – Expert

In the seventh challenge, players will have to drive through a wet track in an Alpine A110 ’17. Driving on a wet track teaches you to control your speed and time. Players must press the gas pedal only when driving in a straight line, otherwise the car may skid. The only straights where it’s easier to accelerate are at the beginning of the track, after the first long corner and after exiting the last corner. As the car approaches corners, players must continually slow down.

  • Gold: 29.600
  • Silver: 30.500
  • Bronze: 32,800

Challenge #8: Hard Turns 1

As the name suggests, this challenge can be a little tricky. There are right and left turns throughout the track, and Gran Turismo 7 players will need to brake in time to prevent the car from spinning and being swept off the track. Braking at the right moment, keeping track of the car’s orientation and clinging to the apex of each corner will make it easier to win gold on this track. This test is performed on a Toyota GR Supra RZ ’20.

  • Gold: 23.400
  • Silver: 24.100
  • Bronze: 25,800

Challenge #9: Hard Turns 2

The ninth challenge is played in a Renault M├ęgane Trophy ’11 car, one of the longest tracks in the International A license pool. For most of this challenge, players must focus on maintaining speed by making fine adjustments with the brake and throttle. This Gran Turismo 7 track is a winding road with a few elevation changes to watch out for. As long as players don’t speed up or slow down too much, they can quickly complete the course and earn gold.

  • Gold: 39.200
  • Silver: 40.600
  • Bronze: 43,700

Challenge #10: Hard Turns 3

In the final exam, players will have to drive a Mercedes-AMG GT R ’17 on a track that combines the previous tests and features a large number of corners. To find the optimal racing line, you need to connect the apexes and accelerate whenever the car is pointing straight ahead. Applying the fly-out method to every corner of the track is the key to earning gold in this latest international A license challenge.

  • Gold: 57.900
  • Silver: 59.900
  • Bronze: 1:04.500

Gran Turismo 7 International A License Rewards

Many credits can be obtained by completing the International License A course. Players earn credits for each level they complete, so best times can earn credits for Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In addition to credits in Gran Turismo 7, players can unlock two vehicles by completing the International A License. The first of them – Toyota 86 Group B Rally Car – is issued immediately after obtaining a license. Alpine A110 ’17 is unlocked by earning gold in each challenge. Gran Turismo 7 can only unlock one more license after obtaining the International A License.

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