All Infused Sword Keys in Elden Ring: Where to Find

In Elden Ring, players will want to find three hidden Infused Sword Keys that unlock new locations. These keys are used exclusively in the Four Bell Towers to open portals that can teleport players to inaccessible places in the Interearth. To unlock this location, players first need to find Kaelid and Lyurnia of the Lake, which can be accessed once players have unlocked the Stream.

How to find Intense Sword Keys

First key

In Elden Ring, after visiting the Four Bell Towers, players can climb the hill west of Lake Liurnia to find a treasure chest that contains an Infused Sword Key.

Second Key

Another Intense Sword Key is hidden on the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy, which is a heritage dungeon in Lake Liurnia. Players will have to complete half of the dungeon to get to the key, and if they continue, they will eventually run into Rennala.

After players successfully enter the Academy Dungeon Debate Room, they should proceed to the courtyard located on a slope of earth and rubble. From the courtyard, players can go to the balcony, drop down to the ladder, and follow it until they are on a nearby rooftop. Players will find that the rooftop is full of Elden Ring items and loot, including a second Infused Sword Key lying on top of a corpse.

Third key

The third and final key is hidden in Sellia, the city of sorcery, which is located in Caelida. To find it, players must explore the upper right edge of the large crimson lake located in the center of the region. Players will need to complete a quest to receive the Infused Sword Key as a reward. Players can solve the quest by opening the magical doors by lighting the torches scattered around the towers in the city. Every three torches lit by players will dispel a new barrier and reward various items in Elden Ring, including a third Infused Sword Key.

How to use Intense Sword Key

In order to use the Intense Sword Key, you must go to the Four Bell Towers, the portals in front of which are decorated with a blue statue of an imp. Players then simply need to activate their Infused Sword Key on their chosen portal to open the gate and enter the new location. All three towers lead to different locations and have clues indicating where they lead. For example, the first bell tower contains the clue “Anti-Waiting”. After going through this portal, players will find that they have teleported to the Chapel of Anticipation. In the chapel, there is a fight with the Augmented offspring, which was during the training. If you win the boss, you will be rewarded with a Ornamental Straight Sword and a Golden Beast Crest Shield.

The second bell tower indicates that it leads to the “Collapsed Lands”. When you pass through this portal, you will enter the Collapsed Farum Azula. This location cannot be accessed by any other means in the game, and players will find difficult enemies and loot here. Finally, the third bell tower offers the “Night Sky” clue. After passing through this gateway, players are teleported to Nocron, the Eternal City. Once again, players will find themselves in an area that is inaccessible from the Siofra River in the Elden Ring and contains an enemy knight and additional loot.

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