All hip bags in Resident Evil 3: how to increase inventory

Where to find all hip bags in Resident Evil 3? How to find all inventory upgrades in Resident Evil 3? Don’t worry, as part of our Resident Evil 3 walkthrough guide, we’ll tell you about it.

Inventory management is vital to progress as the limited space requires you to prioritize only the most important items. Therefore, gaining access to additional inventory slots will bring a smile to the face of any person. Hip pouches are one of the most coveted items in Resident Evil 3. In this Resident Evil 3 guide, we’ll cover all the locations of the hip pouches.

Where to find all hip bags in Resident Evil 3

Six hip bags can be found in the game – four for Jill and two for Carlos. Finding one of these will give you two more slots in your inventory, and once they’re all collected, you’ll have a total of 12 extra slots. Listed below are all the locations of the hip pouches in the order in which you find them in the game.

Zone Location Description For character Raccoon City Subway Substation Control Room On the small stairs to your right just after entering. Jill Raccoon City, Downtown Subway Station Use the blue gem on the monument. Jill Raccoon City, Sewers Security Room On a table to the left of the entrance. Jill Police Station West Office 1F In a safe. (9 left, 15 right, 7 left) Carlos Hospital Lobby In the room connected to the lobby, the Hunter will break the double doors during the big fight. Once it’s safe, enter the room and you’ll find a hip pouch. Carlos Underground Storage Office On the white cabinet next to the typewriter. jill

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