All endings in Elden Ring: how to get

There are multiple endings in Elden Ring, and the player’s actions throughout the game determine which one they see. If getting the standard ending is a fairly easy process, then in order to access the game’s alternate endings, fans will have to put in some extra effort. This guide contains a complete description of how it all works and will help players see all the Elden Ring endings.

It should be noted that in this guide we will try to do without spoilers. This means that it will not explain the content of each ending, but links will be used to direct Elden Ring players to the details of the optional quests that must be completed for certain endings. However, it’s impossible to completely avoid spoilers here, and fans who worry about such things should tread carefully.

How to get all endings in Elden Ring

Lord of Elden

There are four different endings for Lord Elden in Elden Ring. Below are the requirements to unlock each of these variations, and players not participating in any of the game’s DLC should expect the first one to appear.

  • Age of Rift: Follow the main path of the game and select “Fix Elden Ring” after defeating the final boss;
  • Age of Twilight: Complete Fii’s quest to get the Integral Rune of the Prince of Death, and choose to use this rune after defeating the final boss;
  • Age of Order: Complete the quest of Brother Korin and the Golden Mask to get the Entire Rune of Higher Order, and choose to use this rune after defeating the final boss;
  • Age of Despair: Complete the Scrap Eater quest by feeding him the Curse of the Sowing until you get an Intact Rune of the Dread Curse. Then choose to use this rune after defeating the final boss.

Lord of the Furious Flame

This ending can be obtained by meeting the Three Fingers in the Underdark below Leindell, the royal capital, and choosing to become the Raging Flame Lord after defeating the final boss. To get to the Three Fingers, players can complete Hyatt’s quest, as it leads straight to them.

Notably, players who encounter the Three Fingers will not be able to access any of the other endings of the game until they obtain Mikella’s Needle and take it to Dragonlord Placidusax in the Crushed Farum Azula. This is a fairly complex process that requires fans to complete Millicent’s quest in Elden Ring and defeat the boss in Elfael.

star age

The final completion can be obtained by completing Ranny’s quest in Elden Ring and interacting with the special challenge sign that appears after defeating the final boss. Without a doubt, this is the most difficult completion, as the quest associated with it is quite confusing. However, players who want to explore all the secret areas and see everything the game has to offer should definitely choose the Star Age ending.

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