All Eitri artifacts in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok: where to find

The new addition to Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, in the tradition of the series, is full of new mysteries, tasks and collectibles. In the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC, you will mainly control Xavi, rather than the main character Eivor, and explore the realm of the dwarves, Svartalfheim.

There are four main regions in Svartalfheim, each containing several secrets, chests, and artifacts. Eitri is the smallest region in Svartalfheim and is the most central location on the map. You can go looking for all five artifacts in this region and find them in minutes with the help of this guide.

Where to Find All Eitri Artifacts in the Dawn of Ragnarok DLC

First of all, if you haven’t spent enough time in the new DLC yet, you should either be stealthy and not get into fights, or wait until you reach the suggested power levels if you want to explore while killing the enemies you come across.

You can easily collect all five artifacts without being noticed, but if your playstyle leans more towards action, you can look for fights along the way.

Note: There are two “Cosmetic Schematics”, two “Heroic Sagas” and “Uncut Gem” in Eitri.

Eitri Cosmetic Scheme #1

The first Cosmetic Circuit you can find in this region is directly east of Maekinn. She is inside a ruined building located between Maekinn and Eitri. Find the building, use the broken cart (two gnomes are mining stone next to it) to get to the roof with tiles, break the wooden barricade on the window and jump inside.

The artifact is hidden under the stone cart, just move it aside and collect Eitri’s first cosmetic scheme.

Eitri Cosmetic Scheme #2

The second cosmetic scheme is located on the outskirts of the rocks of Bjarg-Herad. This artifact is located inside a dilapidated building without a roof, a little northeast of the King’s Palace. The artifact inside is attached to a wooden beam, but cannot be reached without assistance.

There is a stone cart inside the building, just drag it under the wooden beam the artifact is nailed to, climb on it and collect the second Cosmetic Schematic.

Eitri Heroic Saga #1

The first Heroic Saga can be found a little west of Bjarg Herd, inside a building that is almost completely buried under rocks and rocks. The entrance to this building is littered with rocks, so you’ll either need to find some burning urns or use a combination of your special arrows to create an explosion. Any type of explosion will do.

Once you’ve cleared the stones, simply go inside and grab the Heroic Saga lying on the wooden table.

Eitri Heroic Saga #2

The second Heroic Saga you can find is on the western borders of Eitri, a little northwest of Maekinn Tower. This artifact is located inside a ruined building without a roof. To enter the building, either use your Raven powers to fly inside, or find a cart to the southeast of the building and start climbing up.

Once you’re inside, take the small crate from the stone cart, then push the cart aside and enter the room. The Heroic Saga is in this room on a wooden table.

Uncut gem

The Rough Jewel in Eitri is located in a ruined building, slightly southwest of Maekinn Tower. The gem is on the second floor; you can get there by flying inside with Raven’s power or by simply climbing up the wooden stairs.

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