All current codes for Tower of Fantasy: August 2022

A quick way to get stronger in Tower of Fantasy is by using cheats. From time to time, the developer offers players unique items and abilities that can only be obtained through codes found in various places on the Internet. Here we have compiled all the codes currently available for Tower of Fantasy so that players can quickly boost themselves with free in-game rewards.

All active codes for Tower of Fantasy

These codes can be redeemed for free items in Tower of Fantasy and are checked monthly for validity.

Note: Tower of Fantasy codes have redemption limits, so codes are checked on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • ILOVETOF: One golden cannonball and five weapon batteries II
  • TOF666: Starter Welcome Pack containing 8.888 Gold, one SR Relic Shard Box
  • TOF888: Channel Event Pack containing 8.888 gold, one black core, ten crispy fried fish

All Legacy Tower of Fantasy Cheats

These codes are no longer active and are for informational purposes only. Tower of Fantasy codes have redemption limits, which means codes are validated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • TOFNEMESISTH: Exchange for rewards
  • TOF0811TOF: 1 golden core

How and where to activate codes in Tower of Fantasy

Redeeming codes in Tower of Fantasy is a simple process, but understanding where to go in the user interface can be confusing at first. The redemption of codes occurs in the game, so first you need to enter the game on your character. Entering the game:

  • Select the gift box in the top right corner while holding Alt if necessary to use the mouse button.

  • Select the “Rewards” tab at the bottom, then select “Exchange” from the left menu column.

Paste in all the codes you have and you will get a success message for every code that still works. Players should be aware that Tower of Fantasy will not tell players what they have redeemed, only what they have redeemed.

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