All crafting combinations for weapons in Resident Evil 3: how to craft ammo

What are all the ammo crafting combinations in Resident Evil 3? What is the best combination of gunpowder in Resident Evil 3? Let’s find out as part of our walkthrough of Resident Evil 3.

Unless you’re trying to run with nothing but a knife, you’ll need a good supply of ammo for the duration of Capcom’s second generation remake. While you can find some ammo naturally in a variety of environments, most ammo can be obtained from gunpowder.

Please note that the amount of ammo received when using these combinations depends on what difficulty level you are playing on.

In this Resident Evil 3 guide, we’ll cover all of the ammo crafting combinations.

All ammo crafting combinations in Resident Evil 3

Item #1 Item #2 Result Gunpowder Gunpowder Pistol Ammo Gunpowder High Quality Gunpowder Shotgun Ammo High Quality Gunpowder High Quality Gunpowder MAG Ammo

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