All cooking recipes in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, from climbing cliffs to take in the vast expanses to battling tons of enemies lurking all around you, there are many parallels between the two games. Another simple link is the cooking system in Tower of Fantasy, in which you have to stockpile ingredients to cook meals at cooking stations in the open world. Here are all the recipes in Tower of Fantasy and the ingredients needed to make them.

Regular Recipes

  • Cactus special: two cactus balls
  • Grilled sand onion: two sand onions
  • Grilled Crispy Fish: One Silver Perch
  • Fried egg: two poultry eggs
  • Fried mushrooms: two mushrooms
  • Lettuce: two lettuces, one salad dressing
  • Sizzling meat: two game meats
  • Whole grain bread: two homie grains

Unusual Recipes

  • Beet soup: two beets
  • Black moss soup: two black mosses, two lettuces
  • Breakfast grains: two gomi grains, two milks
  • Crispy Chicken Burger: One Gomi Grain, One Lettuce, One Poultry
  • Dandelion mushroom soup: one dandelion seed, two mushrooms
  • Egg fried rice: one bird egg, two rice
  • Firecap Mushroom Soup: 2 firecaps, 2 lettuces
  • Fried chicken: one homie grain, two poultry meat
  • French fries: one potato, one salad dressing
  • Golden egg and tomato: two poultry eggs, two tomatoes
  • Grilled lizard tail: two meaty tails
  • Honey fruit juice: one sparkling water, two fallen fruits, one honey
  • Ice Orchid Surprise: One soda water, two ghost mushrooms, one milk
  • Meat bun: one game meat, two homi grains
  • Stew with potatoes: one game meat, one potato
  • Mushroom soup: two salads, two mushrooms
  • Red wheat bread: two brown rice
  • Soup with seaweed and egg: two pita breads, one bird’s egg
  • Sliced ​​fish with mushrooms: two mushrooms, one silver perch
  • Steamed conch: two conches, one lettuce
  • Roasted broccoli: two broccoli
  • Sturgeon Dabri: one sturgeon, two poultry eggs
  • Vegetable salad: one fallen fruit, one lettuce, one salad dressing, one tornmato

Rare Recipes

  • Balloon fruit salad: two balloons, one salad dressing, two tornmatos
  • Barnacle Seafood Pizza: One Barnacle, Two Brown Rice, One Onion
  • Barnacle stew: two barnacles, four lettuces
  • Boiled scallops: three lettuces, two scallops
  • Potato balls with caviar: one caviar, two potatoes
  • Sushi with caviar: one caviar, two laurels, two rice
  • Chocolate bread: two brown rice, two cocoa beans
  • Cocoa milk: two cocoa beans, two honey, one milk
  • Eel and mushroom soup: one electric eel, two fire caps
  • Violin Head Pie: two brown rice, two violin heads
  • Violin head soup: two violin heads, four lettuces
  • Fire Dragon Fruit Tea: Two Fire Dragon Fruits, Two Honeys
  • Fruit Cake: 1 fallen fruit, 1 homie grain, 1 bird egg, 2 strawberries
  • Strawberry soda: one sparkling water, two honey, two strawberries
  • Jam on toast: three homie grains, one small jar of blueberries, one strawberry
  • Pine cocoa: 1 cocoa bean, 2 milk, 1 pine cone
  • Grilled loin: two back roosters
  • Sea crab soup: two hermit crabs, four mushrooms
  • Seafood soup: three conchas, one lettuce, two scallops
  • Simple Power Salad: 1 broccoli, 1 lettuce, 1 bird egg, 1 salad dressing, 1 tornmato
  • Snow Azalea tea: two honeys, one milk, one snow azalea
  • Spicy burger: three homie grains, one lettuce leaf, two back roosters
  • Spicy eel: one electric eel
  • Sweet pomegranate juice: one sparkling water, two honeys, two phospho pomegranates
  • Steamed crab: two salads, two portunidas
  • Steamed egg with sea urchin: two eggs, two sea urchins
  • Thundercloud Blueberry Soda: 1 soda, 2 honey, 1 small can of blueberries
  • Tomato and fried egg pasta: three homie grains, one bird egg, four tortmatos
  • Vegetable salad: one falling fruit, one lettuce, one salad dressing, one tornmato

Super Rare Recipes

  • Stew: one fatty piece
  • Caterpillar noodles: three brown rice, one caterpillar
  • Grilled steak: one cut
  • Juicy BLT: two brown rice, one fat cut, two bird eggs
  • Nut tea: one hazelnut, two honey, two pine cones
  • Purple yam pie: three brown rice, one purple yam
  • Salmon sashimi: one lake bass
  • Rice baked with snail: two rice, one snail
  • Snow lotus soup: two honeys, one snow lotus
  • Steak with sauce: three fire cutlets, one prime cut
  • Truffle fried rice: one black truffle, one onion, two rice

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