All Bloodborne Envoy Decorations: How to Get

Bloodborne is one of the greatest action-adventure games of all time. Many people bought a PS4 just to try out this amazing masterpiece, which most consider Miyazaki’s magnum opus. The Lovecraftian aesthetic of Bloodborne combined with the amazing combat makes for a great combination that fans will absolutely love.

How to get envoy decorations in Bloodborne

The game is filled to the brim with a lot of interesting additions, including weird cute messengers in the game and various fun messenger skins that players can make their own if they find these items. With that in mind, here are all the envoy skins available in Bloodborne and the process to get them.

Red ribbon

The Red Ribbon of the Messenger may look charming on these creatures, but the process of obtaining it is rather sad. In fact, this item and another messenger skin in the game have a dark history.

This ribbon can be found by telling Gascoigne’s daughter the truth about her parents’ fate, or by telling her to go to Yosefka’s clinic. On the way, it will be devoured by a pig, from which you can get this item.

white ribbon

Players who don’t mind losing their red ribbon to get a different colored ribbon can do the same. However, this act will only cause more grief and sorrow in the world of Bloodborne.

After obtaining the red ribbon and defeating Roma, the players must travel to Gascoigne’s house again. Here, players will find the eldest daughter, who will ask about the well-being of her brother and sister. If the players give her the red ribbon, she will know her fate and join the rest of the family in the afterlife after the players download the game again.

Vessel of dance

Watching the Messengers drag around a bunch of urns is pretty funny. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything tragic to get this urn, unlike the previous two items on this list.

There is a secret passage above the Oedon Chapel, but before reaching this area, players need to defeat the monster with a bloody stinger. This is where players gain access to an elevator leading to the Healing Church’s workshop. By exiting in the middle of an elevator ride through a hidden passage, players will be able to obtain this item to decorate their envoys.

Black hat

The black messenger hat is a great item for these little creatures. It’s not that hard to get, most players find this item by exploring the Cathedral Ward at their own pace.

To get this item, players need to climb the stairs right in the Cathedral Yard, go through the gate, and climb the stairs to the right of the gate. After descending from this ladder to the rooftop, players will be able to loot the corpse that contains this item.

worn out hat

Hats are a favorite item of many Bloodborne fans. These hats are quite stylish and look very funny on the Messengers. There are two such hats in the game that players can put on their messengers.

Unfortunately, one of them is either locked in a region-specific DLC or a limited edition. It’s a pity, but there is also a positive side – the second hat in this game can be obtained in a completely legal way.


Most players remember the dreaded drop in the Healing Church workshop, where players need to deftly navigate these beams to get to the workshop or get into a dilapidated version of the Hunter’s Dream.

During this dangerous fall, players will notice a corpse with some kind of object on these beams. Players who are brave enough to try and get their hands on this item will be rewarded with a rather funny decorative item for the Messengers, which has become a favorite among the fanbase for its tasteful ludicrousness.

Iharnam’s hat

Iharnam’s messenger’s hat could be a pretty popular decorative item for messengers in the game. Unfortunately, it suffers from the same problem as the Porter’s Hat, as it cannot be obtained legally.

Instead, players will need to obtain the limited Hunter Edition of Bloodborne in order to be able to use this item. Obviously, this is something that not everyone had access to.


The Messenger Headband is a rather spooky item that players can make their Messengers wear in-game. It comes as DLC, which is included with most special editions of the game.

While this decorative element is quite spooky on its own, it pales in comparison to a much darker version of the same decorative element. The best part is that this particular Messenger skin can be legally obtained in the game!

Bloody Bandage

The Blood Envoy Headband is one of the creepiest items players can get these creatures to wear in Bloodborne. Getting this item requires a bit of precise platform movement in an area where most people aren’t too friendly.

Players need to travel to Old Yharnam and get to the Jura Tower. After you befriend or defeat the hunter, there will be a platform next to the tower that you can drop down to. After another jump on the wooden platform, players will be able to get this item!

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