All battles in The Quarry: achievement “Peanut Flakes!”

In The Quarry, one of the achievements is called “Peanut Flakes!” (named after the in-universe snack brand that Jacob and Nick fight over in Chapter 2), and its description requires the player to never miss during combat encounters. Due to The Quarry’s branching narrative, some players will inevitably find unique combat situations not found elsewhere.

How to get the achievement “Peanut Flakes!”

This trophy is discussed by many players trying out different options, but going through all the chapters from the very beginning with a preliminary familiarization with the plot will help much faster.

For example, trying to keep everyone in The Quarry alive is not required to earn the Peanut Flakes! and can even speed up the game.

You can also improve the passage of the game by going to the settings and turning on auto-aim. While the combat encounters are not usually difficult, it can speed up the game quite a bit since The Quarry does not allow for manual saves.

Due to the number of endings in The Quarry, some players may wonder if trying to get this trophy can overlap with other trophies. In short, any path that leaves all advisors alive or dead cannot be obtained in this route, but collectibles such as tarot cards can be obtained.

Finally, some players have reported not having to complete all the steps and still get the trophy after the epilogue. Despite this, it is recommended to follow each step of the guide just in case, since skipping a seemingly optional step may lead to the need to replay previous chapters.

Chapter 1 and 2: Setting Up Appointments

Although there are no direct combat encounters in the first two chapters and the prologue, certain tasks must be completed in order to successfully open combat encounters. Chapter 1 doesn’t require shooting, but an important decision still needs to be made: Infiltrate the hut as Abigail and Emma.

This will open up another covert combat encounter in Chapter 5. In the meantime, the first real shooting section is being held as training for the later events in Chapter 2 when you control Nick. During a shooting competition it is important to hit all the shots.

The best way to achieve this is to shoot the melon first, after which Nick and the others will get close to the targets. Then shoot the same melon, then the two bottles on the left, and finally the last bottle on the left. If done right, it will provide good progress for the upcoming achievement.

Chapter 3 and 4: shooting at moving targets

The first combat encounter with a human target will occur in chapter 3 if playing as Ryan after he rushes off to find Nick. Be sure to take two shortcuts to get to the encounter in time, which is the big hunter guy dragging Nick away.

In order to trigger a combat encounter, Ryan must interrupt the action by shooting the big guy, after which a window of opportunity will appear allowing Ryan to shoot. Before firing, make sure that the light of the shotgun is aimed directly at the hunter; if the player misses, they will have to replay the chapter again.

The next combat encounter will be with Ryan again in Chapter 4 when a sound is heard from the bushes. There will be two opportunities to shoot at the bushes, but the first time, DO NOT shoot as Ryan won’t hit anything. The second opportunity will come soon after, but this time Ryan has to shoot.

This encounter depends on Ryan hitting the target appearing behind the bushes (who turns out to be Jacob). If auto-aim is not enabled, it is recommended to wait a few seconds for movement to be sure to hit the target.

As mentioned above, some players have achieved the trophy without shooting Jacob or even shooting both times, but this guide shows the only guaranteed way to get this achievement without risk.

A cutscene should follow shortly after, showing Jacob’s body, indicating a successful combat encounter.

Chapter 5 and 6: Protecting Advisors

Caitlin and Ryan will have new combat encounters, the first of which is possible if the QTE sequence fails. When Caitlin goes to investigate the sounds coming from the top floor, she will be chased by the big hunter guy from the previous game.

In order to trigger the required meeting, Caitlyn must successfully complete the first QTE (press the right mouse button), but then fail the second and third QTE. This will cause Caitlin to aim her gun while the hunter guy is raising the table. Just fire your gun at the table and the meeting will be over.

Also in Chapter 5, where Ryan is now playable, there will be an optional encounter thanks to a choice from Chapter 1. Once he and Dylan are in the radio operator’s hut, they will be attacked by monsters lurking in the Hackett Quarry.

One of the monsters will land on the roof of the hut and give Ryan the opportunity to shoot through the roof for a short time. Killing the monster at this point is not possible, but shooting anyway and hitting the roof will count as a trophy/achievement.

In chapter 6, there is only one moment that needs to be shot: the moment of Nick’s monstrous transformation. When playing as Abigail, she has the option to shoot Nick; it should be obvious that this is a necessary part of the achievement. In addition, if you do not shoot, then Abigail will die, and for the final shootout she must be alive and unharmed.

Chapters 7 and 8: Laura’s turn to shoot

Chapter 7 has a long series of cutscenes narrated in flashback by Laura, just like it was in The Quarry’s prologue. Her scenes contain no combat encounters other than an optional QTE sequence, but certain decisions must be made for future playable encounters.

As stated in the Over the Law trophy guide where Laura and Travis (the sheriff of Northkill) work together, Laura needs to inspect the jail cell during her game segment. By interacting with the spoon on the window and the loose brick in the wall, a hole can be opened later in the chapter.

After a few more story scenes, Laura will be free to explore the police station. In order to access the required appointments, she needs to take a syringe from the upstairs office, which will later be used to inject Travis.

If the syringe is not taken, the opportunity will be missed and Laura will have to take Travis’ gun to escape. If this happens, Laura and Travis won’t be able to work together in Chapter 9, which could invalidate the achievement attempt.

Chapter 8, on the other hand, has a moot point for trophy/achievement requirements. In one of the parts, Laura and Ryan will stumble upon a monster locked in a cage. There will be no hint in this scene where the player can shoot using the shutter button, but some players have stated that this is required to unlock the achievement.

Chapter 9: Shooting Monster Chris

The only firefight in this chapter occurs at the very end, but before that there are two points that can affect subsequent combat encounters.

First, Ryan will have to “Take” Laura’s bite in order to survive being stabbed. If Laura or Ryan are killed before chapter 10, then the final meeting with the white wolf will not take place.

Secondly, Abigail must be alive (in Emma’s version) so that she can explore the bunker in the cabin. Here she can find the silver shotgun shells that Caitlin will need to kill the penultimate monster in the final shootout.

As promised, the shootout will begin when the monster Chris attacks the remaining Hackett family. Eventually, there will be a brief opportunity where Ryan can fire his shotgun at the monster; the distance between them means that Ryan will only need to pull the trigger when prompted.

If all these actions are completed, then Laura and Travis will agree to work together. Ryan, Abigail, and Caitlin will also survive, while Dylan, Max, Emma, ​​and Jacob can be considered optional for this achievement.

Chapter 10: Final Showdown

The last two shooting sections take place with Caitlin and Laura, respectively, but their preparation largely depends on the previous choice. If the players did not miss in the previous combat sections, they should be sufficiently prepared for the last game sections.

When Caitlin explores the house long enough and chooses the “Prepare to Attack” option, the next section of the game will have her fighting the werewolf. Caitlin’s first choice will be to run or wait; if she chooses to “wait”, she will have a very short window of time to shoot the werewolf.

This is where auto-aim can come in handy, but manually aiming left and pressing the shutter button is all it takes.

After that, Caitlin will automatically run away from the monster. To move forward, select “Beam” when prompted to jump over the beam and press the QTE command button to escape. After that, select “Run” when the appropriate option appears.

Since Abigail (and, optionally, Emma) is alive, the silver shells can be given to Caitlin as she walks past when she has a chance to “Find”. Finally, she is able to shoot the last remaining monster in the lodge; this happens quickly, so players need to be careful and aim quickly before Caitlyn is attacked.

After Caitlin kills this werewolf, Laura, Ryan and Travis will go in search of the last white wolf, ready to kill him. Laura will get the option to shoot him by choosing “Raise Weapon” when the appropriate option appears, and finally open fire on the monster.

This will be the last combat encounter and the trophy/achievement should appear at the beginning of the epilogue. Other optional combat encounters can be unlocked along certain paths, but this route reliably unlocks one of The Quarry’s endings without too much risk.

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