All ancient coins in Resident Evil 7: where to find

The upgrade system in Resident Evil 7 is, frankly, brilliant. To keep the campaign’s mundane nature consistent, Capcom ditched the Australian-accented merchants and elaborate mission completion screens. Instead, she introduced Antique Coins to the game: collectibles located around Baker’s Plantation that can be inserted into birdcages to unlock stat-boosting items and bonus weapons.

How many ancient coins can you collect in Resident Evil 7?

There are 18 Ancient Coins on Easy and Normal difficulty, and 33 Ancient Coins on Madhouse difficulty. This guide will focus on the initial 18 ancient coins.

What does the ancient coin do in Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour?

As you may have guessed by now, the ancient coin unlocked in the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo essentially works like a bonus ancient coin. If you decide to transfer your progress to the main game, you will have one additional ancient coin at the beginning.

Where can I spend ancient coins in Resident Evil 7?

In Resident Evil 7 on easy and normal difficulty, you will find bird cages in two places: in the trailer (shortly before the Old House) and in the hideout next to the Swamp. More birdcages can be found on Madhouse difficulty.

What can you buy with ancient coins in Resident Evil 7?

There are three items that can be bought from Birdcages on Easy and Normal difficulty. These include:

  • 3 coins: Steroids (increases maximum health)
  • 5 coins: Stabilizer (increases reload speed)
  • 9 coins: 44 MAG

Where to find all 18 ancient coins in Resident Evil 7

Here is the location of all 18 Ancient Coins in Resident Evil 7. Collecting them all will unlock the Pelicans in Your Pocket trophy. Beware, there may be minor location spoilers here.

  • Guest House 1E, Kitchen: Perhaps the coolest ancient coin in Resident Evil 7 is the very first one. Load up a VHS tape of the abandoned house and once you’re in control, take a few steps back and look down. You will pick up the lockpick. Go to the kitchen on the first floor of the guest house and open the drawer in the closet to your right. When you take control of Ethan again, you can open this box and find an ancient coin inside.
  • Main house 1E, hatch: After you get the key to open the hatch, enter the underground and see a red lawn mower on the left. On it lies an ancient coin.
  • Main House 1E, Main Hall: It’s in the top drawer in the northeast corner. Check the top left corner of your map – it’s on the side of the couch and the dog door.
  • Main house 2E, recreation room: On the map, go to the upper right corner of the recreation room. The ancient coin is behind the pool table, next to the locked door. Nearby is also Mr. Everywhere, whom you should hear.
  • Main House 2E, bathroom: We dare to look inside the toilet.
  • Main House 1E Briefing Room: Found in the board room on a table with a locked toolbox. In the ashtray you will find an ancient coin.
  • Main House B1, Processing Room: In this room, you will see a wooden palette leaning against the wall. Look behind it and find an ancient coin hanging on the wall.
  • Yard: Go right just after leaving the house and find an ancient coin in a flower pot on the ground.
  • Yard, trailer: This specimen is completely invisible. You’ll find it on a table in the trailer right in front of the 44 MAG birdcage.
  • Old House 1E, Basement: Just outside the basement, you’ll find this Ancient Coin on a wheeled serving cart.
  • Old House 1E, Annex: In the northeastern annex, where you found the Raven Key, you will come across a toilet. An ancient coin lies on the sink.
  • Old House 2F, Altar: In the room where you need the lantern, you will find a set of crates. The ancient coin is in the upper one.
  • Testing Area 1E: Deal with all the trypmines and then enter the westernmost room in front of the barn. You will find this ancient coin in the green desk drawer; be careful because the room is mined.
  • Testing Area 2E: After the fight with the bloated Caster, you will take the elevator up to the second floor of the Testing Area. However, before you go down the stairs to the first floor, look for an ancient coin on the shelves.
  • Sunken ship 1E, ventilation: After the scene with the workers, go down into the ventilation and turn right. It’s a dead end, but there’s an Ancient Coin nearby.
  • Wreck 1E: After a few minutes, you will reach a point where you will fall into a pool of water and need to climb a ladder to get back to dry land. Look to the left of the stairs in the dirty water for another ancient coin.
  • Sunken Ship 3E, Control Room: The Ancient Coin is in a locked red toolbox. To open it, you will need a lockpick, which can be found by examining and opening the drawer on the second floor after climbing the stairs next to the bunk rooms.
  • Shipwreck P2: This ancient coin is in a container on the wall between the two engine rooms. To open it, you will have to use corrosion.

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