Aladdin in the Disney Mirrorverse and how to open it

Aladdin is one of the many unlockable characters in the Disney Mirrorverse. He cannot be found in the game, so if players want to add him to their team, they must purchase him in the store for crystals, stardust or laurels. If players don’t want to spend real money to unlock Aladdin, this may require some polishing.

How to unlock Aladdin in Disney Mirrorverse

There are three main ways to unlock Aladdin: with crystals, stardust, or laurels. All of these items can be purchased with in-game currency, orbs, or earned through gameplay. While the game is free to play, players can purchase in-game currency or mine it in the new Disney Mirrorverse RPG.

  • Throw a crystal into the portal to get a random character. This is the main way to unlock new characters, although there is no guarantee that players will get Aladdin or the desired character on the first try. From the main menu, click on Crystals to see which characters are available. Find the option where Aladdin is in the pool below the prizes and use the Known Crystals to get one of those Guardians. Known Crystals can be purchased with Orbs. If players want to earn orbs without spending real money, complete in-game quests.
  • Purchase Aladdin with Stardust. Another way to unlock Aladdin is to use Stardust. Aladdin is a melee guardian, so players need to use Red Stardust to unlock him. Stardust can be obtained when players unlock characters from the portal; By unlocking Melee Guardians, you will receive Melee Stardust. Stardust cannot be bought, it is earned by extracting Guardians from the portal. If players collect enough Stardust, they can use it to purchase the Guardians they need from the Stardust tab in the main menu.
  • Acquire Aladdin with laurels. As with Stardust, Aladdin can be purchased with laurels, an in-game currency earned by completing quests that is standard in mobile RPGs like the Disney Mirrorverse. The Guardian, which can be purchased with laurels, refreshes every few hours, so players should frequently check the Laurels tab in the store to see who can be unlocked. If players have enough laurels and Aladdin is offered, they can spend laurels to unlock him and add him to the Guardian roster.

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